Who Are Celestials Eternals? – These Facts Will Shock You!!

Wondering who are Celestials Eternals? Well here is everything you need to know about the Marvel Celestials.

When Eternals were released on November 5, 2021, Marvel Studios debuted a new band of cosmic-powered warriors to the MCU. Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, and Kit Harrington are among the cast members.

The Celestials, a species of cosmic god-like entities that played a major role in Marvel’s Eternals movie, created the Eternals. In classic Marvel Comics style, their background and abilities are a little hazy, but take a look at this in-depth analysis at Marvel’s Celestials that will address all of your queries.

Who are the Celestials Eternals?


The Celestials are strong alien cosmic entities (practically deities) that use their energy manipulation abilities to profoundly alter human history in the cosmos. But, of course, they existed long before humans did. The most important thing to understand about the Celestials is that they are the creators of the Eternals and Deviants. 

Millions of years ago, the Celestials began genetic testing on Earth’s hominid species. They also created the Eternals and the Deviants in conjunction with Homo sapiens (Homo descendus). The Eternals were shown to be attractive humanoids endowed with cosmic abilities. 

The Deviants, on the other hand, were born with genetic instability, which resulted in physical abnormalities and mutations.

Who Is Arishem the Judge (Celestials Eternals)?

Celestials Eternals
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Arishem is the head of the Celestials, one of the MCU’s oldest and most powerful species of living things. The Celestials are cosmic gardeners who roam the cosmos searching for promising planets and tampering with their populations’ gene pools. 

Their mission is to increase the universe’s genetic variety and establish the groundwork for ever more advanced and powerful lifeforms. Celestials meddling with mankind’s archaic forebears resulted in the Eternals and Deviants.

Arishem tends to play a hostile part in many narratives, though the Celestials’ goals are beyond the comprehension of ordinary humans. Arishem’s name suggests his function. He evaluates universes based on whether or not they exhibit evidence of continuing expansion and change. Civilizations that Arishem severely evaluates are doomed.

Who Is Tiamut?

How Eternals might bring back Thanos, the Avengers' most dangerous foe

The Dreaming Celestial, formerly renowned as “Tiamut the Communicator,” was one of the Celestials charged with the duty of informing the Fulcrum of the Celestials’ findings in cosmic research and sending a signal to the Horde to gather all of the planet’s life energy, which was then transmitted to the Fulcrum.

The Deviants were the dominating power on Earth during the Second Celestial Host, and the Tiamut was preparing to call the Horde for harvesting the entire planet. He is a strong Celestials Eternals. 

Arishem, on the other hand, revoked the order and exterminated numerous dissenters while causing no harm to the other species. The Dreaming Celestial judged Arishem defective and attempted to seize charge by assaulting him since this was a breach of their policy.

The Dreaming Celestial was subsequently incarcerated under the mountains by the other Celestials, who were also a part of the conspiracy to murder the Deviants in order to obtain the Fulcrum’s favor.

However, it is unclear why they did so, and it should be noted that this narrative of events was provided by the Dreaming Celestial himself and has yet to be disproved or confirmed.

The other Celestials managed to tear his spirit from his body and placed him in a device called “The Vial,” which contained a portion of the Dreaming Celestial’s soul and was used to make a key that could open the flask. The Dreaming Celestial’s corpse was subsequently locked in a vault under the Diablo Mountains by the Celestials. For millennia, Tiamut has been sleeping.

The Dreaming Celestial’s vault was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Uni-Mind was created by the Eternals to tackle the issue. Sprite learned that he could harness the Celestials’ abilities to modify his endless existence and finally enable him to mature during Mahd Wy’ry. 

Ultimately, the rebel priest-prince Ghaur rebuilt the key and swallowed the essence of the heavenly dream, gaining the height and might of a heavenly being in the process.

Afterward, Tiamut took control of the situation and used mental control over Ghaur to wake him up from his never-ending slumber. The Avengers and the Eternals stopped this plot, and the vial was resealed.

How Many Celestials are there?

At the start of their creation, there were an infinite number of Celestials. Fewer Aspirants, who revered and followed the First Firmament, survived. There were numerous Celestials, “as many as the stars themselves,” according to Iron Man Vol. 5 #13.

On the other hand, the Celestial War greatly diminished the Celestials’ numbers when they revolted against the First Firmament. Though the race has survived six versions of the Cosmos, many of them have perished. 

That implies they will almost certainly never become endangered. Another key point to remember is that Celestials may still reproduce and proliferate, although not in the conventional sense, but in a variety of ways.

We discover in S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 that the Celestials’ main reproduction method is to implant Celestial Eggs in the core of the planet. After millions of years of conception, a Celestial is born and eats the planet from the inside out in order to obtain strength and energy. It ruins the planet, yet it is the process by which new Celestials are born.

A Celestial may also bear another child, but the birth leads to the “mother’s” demise. The Celestial Madonna gave birth to a Celestial baby called Star Child, who was subsequently identified as a variant.

Celestials may also adopt humanoid shape, or avatar, to breed with lesser life forms, such as Ego the Living Planet did in the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” film. The Celestial gene is rarely passed down to children; only Star-Lord, alias Peter Quill, got it, turning him a demi-Celestial.

Then there is the Black Galaxy, a strange portion of the universe that turned into a compacted bio-verse with a huge empty space. A new, unidentified Blue Celestial emerged from the bio-verse and constructed Celestial armor.

M’Kraan is a race that has evolved mutants (in Earth-92131). As we discover in X-Men ’92 Vol. 2 #9, some of those mutants progressed so far that they became Celestials.

Ultimately, the Creation Constellation is a fascinating cosmic contraption found by two humans. Their connection with the Creation Constellation transforms both of them into Celestials in “Domino: Hotshots #3.”

As you’ve seen, Celestials may be created in a variety of ways. Furthermore, quantum telepathy connects all of their thoughts, allowing them to converse with one another no issue where they are in the cosmos. 

While we do not know the actual number of Celestials at this time, we can reasonably conclude that there are a lot of them and that there will be more in the future.

Galactus vs Celestials Eternals

Celestials Eternals
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So, in case there is Galactus vs Celestials Eternals, who will win? Here is all you need to know.

Galactus first debuted as a world-ending danger in Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four comic book. In the chapters of “Thor: The Dark World,” the pair would go on to expand out his origin narrative. Galactus was born on an extraordinarily developed planet named Taa, as a man named Galan during the conclusion of the Sixth Cosmos’ history.

The Taaians found that, just as the universe started with a Big Bang, it would finish with a Big Crunch, in which the whole universe would crumble simultaneously, killing everything and restarting the process for the next Cosmos. Galan was dispatched into space to look for a means to stop the Big Crunch, but he failed. 

On the other hand, Galan managed to survive the disaster, resurfacing in the Seventh Cosmos as the “Devourer of Worlds,” a global rebirth agent.

As comics occasionally contradict one another, and Galactus’ narrative varies from its own story from the Sixth Cosmos, there is considerable debate over how this occurred. Galan of Taa, on the other hand, survived the crash of the Sixth Cosmos and returned as Galactus in the Seventh.

Galactus’ role also sets him apart from the Celestials. Galactus, as the “Devourer of Worlds,” must consume planets in order to exist. He does not play with his food, and he is not here to pass judgment. He merely wants to eat, so he uses his massive spacecraft to transform a planet into absolute cosmic energy and consumes it. Galactus may sometimes fill a mortal with the Cosmic Power, enlisting them to work as his herald and scout for new worlds to devour. But he does not have the same goals as the Celestials, and he does not function on the same level. The Celestials are cosmic gardeners who scour the universe for potential planets and tinker with the genetic pool of their people.

Galactus is not one of the Celestials merely because he is enormous, hails from another universe, and wears a ridiculous hat. And he might still play an important role in the MCU if a Fantastic Four film gets made. With massive cosmic forces at play, everything seems feasible in this vivid universe’s Marvel movie side.

Celestials vs Eternals

While humanity revered the Eternals as deities, the Celestials are the Eternals’ gods. Ikaris and Ajax, for example, heed the Celestials’ directives so that mankind might select its own course. This might explain why they stayed out of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” events.

On the other hand, the Eternals have an ability that the Celestials lack: rebirth. When Celestials die, they usually remain dead for a long time. Those that resurrected during the Dark Celestials are the exception. When Knull killed a Celestial, the head of the Celestial became Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s base. According to Marvel fans, Ego is unlikely to come back any time soon

On the other hand, the Eternals have the Great Machine, which is also referred to as the Archive. The Machines of Resurrection can return any Eternal back to life at the expense of murdering one human.

Most Powerful Celestials Ranked

Here are the top 10 Celestials Eternals and from comics ranked as per their powers –

#1 Ego The Living Planet

Celestials Eternals
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Despite the fact that The Guardians of the Galaxy killed Ego, he is the Celestial with the most extensive background. He also only died because the Guardians were outmanned and forced to aim for his weak area rather than fighting him fairly.

Ego has the ability to absorb whole universes into himself. He could have recreated the cosmos exactly how he desired, and his planet is a testament to his talents. He seemed to be as ancient as time and had traveled to the furthest reaches of the universe. Given the scope of his abilities, it is conceivable even Thanos’ snap would not have damaged him.

#2 One Above All

Celestials Eternals
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No, we are not referring to the Marvel version of God, known as the “One Above All.” Rather we are discussing a Celestial with the same name. All other Celestials are led by the One Above All Celestial. 

He has never been the one to become involved in anything, rather preferring to observe events from afar. But, being the head of all Celestials, it is reasonable to suppose that he has power well beyond that of a Celestial.

#3 Tiamut (Celestials Eternals)

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Tiamut is so strong that even Galactus, the “Destroyer of Worlds,” is terrified of him. Thanos is seen as a Puny God by Tiamut. Guys like the angry Titan and the Destroyer of Worlds are nothing more than toys for him. 

Tiamut seldom interferes with other folk’s affairs, but he may turn up to dangerous if irritated enough. Tiamut is also undetectable to Uatu the Watcher’s eyesight, which was considered to be impossible before.

#4 Exitar The Executioner

Exitar the Executioner is not a Celestial in the traditional sense. Exitar is known as the Executioner since he is the Celestial Jury’s right-hand man. Exitar is summoned by the Celestials when they believe a planet needs to be eradicated or a danger needs to be addressed. 

An Exitar has been compelled to bite the dust on multiple occasions. Sue Storm, the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman, has slain an Exitar. Thor’s hammer has severely harmed the Exitar. Even now, he is regarded as more strong than Galactus and Odin.

#5 Eson The Searcher

This Celestial was strong in the comics, but he was also murdered, placing him on the list of very few Celestials who have completely defeated ever. The MCU version of this figure, on the other hand, is the subject of study here since Marvel judged him important enough as the only comic book Celestial to appear on the screen.

He was already endowed with Celestial abilities, but his abilities were amplified much more when he acquired the Power Stone. The Collector projected a hologram of Eson striking the Earth with his scepter and obliterating an entire species of beings onto the Guardians of the Galaxy. Even with this level of strength, he was probably not the strongest among his peers, considering he died in the MCU.

#6 Godhead

Celestials Eternals
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A species known as the Viscardi dwelt on another Planet in the remote reaches of space. Viscardi was wealthy and never had to confront the dangers that Earth does daily in terms of catastrophic events. The Viscardi was protected by a Celestial protector known as the Godhead. The Godhead guided the Viscardi to attain civilization and become a space-faring civilization.

#7 Arishem The Judge

Celestials Eternals
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Arishem the Judge was the commander of the Four Hosts of Earth Celestials, and he was liable for a flood called “the Great Cataclysm” that almost wiped out the Deviants. He also fought with the Watcher in a Celestial conflict. He is one of the strongest Celestials Eternals. In addition, he is one of the Celestials who choose which planets to annihilate.

Arishem’s ultimate destiny came when the Dark Celestials went on a killing spree, killing their fellow Celestials. Arishem’s corpse crashed to Earth, alerting the Avengers to the Dark Celestials’ impending approach.

#8 Zgreb

Celestials Eternals
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Can you recall how the Phoenix Force was defeated by a Celestial? It is due to “Zgreb the Fallen,” the mastermind behind it all. Zgreb is known as Zgreb the Fallen due to his desire for love, and he has abandoned all of the principles that a Celestial should hold. In his wake, he has only been left dead and ruined. Zgreb searches the cosmos for his life, which eventually leads him to Earth.

#9 The Celestial Destructor

Celestials Eternals
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The Celestial Destructor is a member of the “Aspirants” species of Celestial. Their red-and-black armor distinguishes them from other Celestials.

The First Firmament dispatched the Celestial Destructor to demolish the eighth iteration of Eternity, which was born from the “Secret Wars” (2015).

#10 The Celestial Madonna

Celestials Eternals
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This Celestial Madonna, unlike “Mantis of the Avengers,” arrived on Earth in the year 114 AD. The Celestial Madonna was pregnant with a mighty child, and she was aware that the delivery would destroy her. The kid, on the other hand, would need nourishment. 

The Celestial Madonna, as a result, soared towards the sun and gave birth to the Child. However, she is considered as one of the mightiest Celestials ever appeared in the history of MCU.


The Celestials Eternals appeared in the MCU recently. Marvel fans have learned a lot about them when they appeared in Eternals. Marvel Studios has already altered its mythology on the big screen by transforming Ego into a Celestial, so we have to wait and see if there are any more surprises in store.

So, here is everything about Celestials Eternals. Are they the most powerful entities in Marvel? What do you think? Make sure to comment down below. Also, follow us for more exciting articles.


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