Which Assassin Creed Character Are You As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

The Assassin Creed franchise has brought the deadliest assassins to the world. While every assassin carries his own abilities, which Assassin’s Creed character are you based on your zodiac sign? Here is everything you need to know. 

Assassin Creed franchise is loaded with some super-awesome protagonists. Whether it’s the furious Connor Kenway or the charming Ezio Auditore, each protagonist carries a unique personality and nature. 

So, with so many characters around, let’s see what star signs these assassins correspond to. Here are the characters of Assassin Creed divided as per their distinct zodiac signs – 

Which Assassin Creed Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Gemini – Desmond Miles 

Assassin Creed

Geminis are the nicest and the most passionate people. However, they are often driven by impulsive thoughts. They are incredibly cunning. Desmond Miles resembles the traits of a Gemini. 

The character showcased his keen intelligence when he tracked Lucy’s treasure. However, we also saw his impulsive decision-making when he chooses to murder her. So, if you are someone with Gemini as a zodiac sign, you resemble Desmond Miles. 

Taurus – Kassandra 

Assassin Creed

Taurus people are often practical, and they love to earn value in life. They are usually hard-working as they are deep-rooted in the materialistic world. Kassandra is one of the popular Assassin Creed characters who is an RPG, depending upon who is asking. She is a mercenary who is capable of doing anything and everything, which makes her a Taurus. 

Aries – Edward Kenway 

Assassin Creed

Aries are usually known for their courageous and brave attitude. Though they are driven by impulsive decisions, the world admires them for their bravery. This makes them the greatest leaders like Edward Kenway. 

Edward Kenway is one of the ruthless characters who possess incredible bravery and courage. So, if you are Aries, your character resembles Edward Kenway. 

Leo – Ezio Auditore 

Assassin Creed

Ezio Auditore comes with a complete package which makes him one of the best assassins. Similarly, Leos are a complete package of talent, wisdom, and courage. These traits help them develop incredible personal connections. Ezio also gathered his own bunch of followers and became their mentor. 

Cancer – Shay Patrick Cormac 

Assassin Creed

Cancer people are known for moodiness and compassion. Though they love to make connections, they are often possessive in nature. Shay Cormac also shows similar traits. He is a former member of the brotherhood and has a bunch of ties to his friends. So, if you have Cancer as your zodiac sign, you resemble Shay. 

Libra – Evie Frye 

Assassin Creed

Libra are peace-loving people. They bar themselves from any sort of confrontation and lean-to harmony. Evie Frye is someone who resembles Libra’s traits. She is serious and often quiet. Evie is one of the most studious characters and her more careful nature on several occasions works against her. 

Virgo – Aveline De Grandpre 

Assassin Creed

The key traits of people with Virgo as their zodiac sign are – kindness, loving attitude, and sympathetic behavior. They are always practical. Aveline is incredibly humble, and she has often showcased her kindness in Assassin Creed. While Virgos often get stressed over time, Aveline too showcased this behavior on several occasions. 

Sagittarius – Jacob Frye 

Assassin Creed

If you are born with Sagittarius, we know you are a risk-taker. You embrace the hurdles of life and have a sharp mind to deal with them. One character who has this attitude in Assassin Creed is Jacob. 

Jacob is bold and loves risks. He embraces adventures and has an affinity for courageous missions, which makes him a true Sagittarius. 

Scorpio – Bayek 

Assassin Creed

The key traits defining Scorpio are – Boldness and Fearlessness. They are mysterious and rely on their deep beliefs. They are often showcased to be firm believers. Bayek’s boldness and courage make him the perfect fit for the Scorpio zodiac sign. 

Aquarius – Connor 

Assassin Creed

Aquarius is highly intellectual, soft-spoken, and shy at times. While they are someone who fixes their goals and works hard to achieve them, they love their near and dear ones. The description of Aquarius fits the character of Connor of Assassin Creed 3. While it is justice that influences Connor, he loves his people. 

Capricorn – Altair Ibn La Ahad 

Assassin Creed

Capricorns have high ambitions, and they are goal-oriented. Their ambition drives them to be the best. They are often smart enough to execute their plans and achieve their goals. So, when it comes to the most ambitious character in the Assassin Creed franchise, one name that comes forward is Altair. 

Pisces – Arno Dorian 

Assassin Creed

If you are someone with Pisces as a zodiac sign, we know you love arts. People with this sign are usually friendly in nature and they have deep connections with art. However, their over-trusting nature often drives dark clouds into their life. 

All these traits resemble the character of Arno Dorian, the one whose life is loaded with tragedy and drama. He is from France which is known as the cultural hub. So, this resembles that the character has connections to art. 

So, which Assassin Creed character are you based on your zodiac sign? Tell us in the comment box. 

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