Where Else You Might Have Seen Isabel May Before? 

Does Isabel May even need an introduction after the 1883 series? If Elsa Dutton has made you a fan, and you are wondering where else you might have seen Isabel May before, this article is for you. Read on to know more. 

The famous American actress who starred as Katie Cooper on the Netflix Series Alexa and Katie, also had a recurring role as Veronica Duncan on the CBS series Young Shelton and made the world a fan with her performance in Yellowstone 1883, is Isabel May. Her amazing work is known by one and all—right?

Where Else You Might Have Seen Isabel May Before
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She’s the narrator and leading Protagonist of the Paramount+ series 1883. This 21-year-old actress is also famous as a model and an influencer, too. She’s from California and has done famous movies like Run Hide fight, I want you back, Let’s scare Julie to Death, The Moon, and the back, etc. 

Her doting impression on 1883 viewers with her performance as Elsa Dutton, thus leading many to wonder where they might have seen Isabel May Before? 

Oh-did Isabel surprised all of you too, by being the megastar of the Yellowstone prequel series? 

Wondering where else you might have seen Isabel May before? 

Where Else You Might Have Seen Isabel May Before? Close-Up To May’s Career!! 

Hold on to the excitement and let’s get going 

Alexa and Katie was genuinely loved by a lot of her fans. 

Did you know it was her first acting job with stars alongside Paris Berelc, Jack Griffo, and Emery Kelly? OMG, why did it only run for 3 seasons? We so wanted more!

Young Sheldon—isn’t Isabel May just a bit too famous—because her fans just love her so much!

Where Else You Might Have Seen Isabel May Before
Credit – Newsweek.com

The sitcom, set in the 1980s, sees Lain Armitage play a young version of the sitcom character Sheldon Cooper. It was May’s second on-screen role as the recurring character, Veronica Duncan. 

During seasons 2 and 3, Isabel May’s role was a love interest of Sheldon’s older brother Georgie—Well, we have always watched this series on weekends with our friends—Did you also? Don’t forget to mention it in the comment section before!

Run Hide Fight

Where Else You Might Have Seen Isabel May Before
Credit – Newsweek.com

OMG the controversial school shooting action movie casts Isabel May in the lead as a high school student using her smartness, sense of humor, and wits to survive (Now, we wonder, why she’s adored by so many youngsters—Now that’s for obvious reasons!)

Four gunmen break into the school and blackmail the students while live-streaming. The famous character Zoe Hull fights for her life like a fearless supergirl and also saves the lives of her classmates!


Now any guesses? Where else you might have seen Isabel May before? Aah, in I want you back—her latest movie, too? Do follow us for some latest news and yes, don’t forget to mention which Isabel May movie is your favorite? 

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