7 Times When The Vampire Diaries Villains Devastated The Heroes

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The Vampire Diaries have been a loved show by all of its fans worldwide!! Be it from all perceptions, the star cast, the direction, the storyline, and everything have worked so well with this series. 

The best-known category loved by the fans has always been the Vampire Diaries Villains!!! The aura and power with which The Vampire Diaries villains have been taking over the heroes have proved now and then how easy a win it has been for them!! 

Be it series or spin-offs, the Vampire Diaries Villains have always had the upper hand and have always been outsmarting the heroes. 

History speaks for itself!!!

Vampire Diaries Villains
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The entire series has been creating history by evidently making its villains win and showing how heroes can lose satisfyingly!!

Though the series is over now, along with its spin-offs, if a director ever needs a guide on how to make the heroes lose satisfyingly, then The Vampire Diaries is a go-to any day!!!

Let us know how the Vampire Diaries Villains have been way ahead of the heroes:

Seline – Josie and Lizzie’s Nanny 

To free herself and Sybil, Seline plays the role of the nanny to Josie and Lizzie so that she gets an opportunity to get close to the twins and know more about their value to Cade. 

Manipulations by Shane 

Shane was one of the strongest The Vampire Diaries Villains and had incredible powers to keep his motives secret. Though he was partially under Sila’s control, he charmed Bonnie and helped her grow her muscles so that she could help him. 

Stefan’s Humanity Turned off by Klaus 

Klaus made Stefan drink human blood so that his Ripper Facet could be reactivated. Though Stefan did a splendid job resisting, Klaus compelled him to do his will!!

Manipulations by Sila

Sila used the illusions of lost loved ones to trick the passersby and feed himself. Then he also convinced Shane, who helped him free himself!!

Vampire Diaries Villains
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Hunting Brilliance by Connor Jordan

There would be many Vampire Diaries Villains who had a higher death count than Connors, but few were as intelligent as him. He almost killed every vampire he tracked down.

Elena was killed by Rebeka

Though all underestimated Rebeka, she proved how cruel she was by killing Elena and taking the risk of killing Matt to gain her freedom.

The Ripper Serum developed by Wes

He was the leading man who experimented on vampires and learned how to neutralize them. His big plans included turning as many vampires as possible into vampire-hunting rippers.

Vampire Diaries Villains


Thus the Vampire Diaries villains have proved themselves to be the shining stars, and the heroes have been at the subtle receiving end!!

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