When Is Dragon Ball Super Coming Back? DBS Season 2 Is Coming In 2023

With the announcement that the Dragon Ball Super anime will come back next year, the venerable shonen classic Dragon Ball is again making headlines. Fans are going crazy over the news that Goku and his comrades would return to the anime universe later.

The ideal environment for the anime to return in 2023 following the huge success of the most recent installment in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. But when is Dragon Ball Super coming back, actually? Here is all we know so far. 

When Is Dragon Ball Super Coming back?

When is Dragon Ball Super coming back
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Goku will soon make his weekly television debut with a new installment of the Dragon Ball Super anime series, according to the Twitter user and trustworthy Dragon Ball leaker @DBSChronicles. 

The new season will, according to DBSChronicles, occur after the Universe Survival Saga concluded the first-generation Dragon Ball Super anime series in 2015. 

However, the publication does not mention whether the new season will be a direct adaptation of the Galactic Prisoner Patrol saga, also known as the Moro saga, or whether the current Granolah and the Survivor saga were both released after the first-generation series’ broadcast run. 

But when is Dragon Ball coming back? According to the source, the sitcom will show brand-new episodes around 2023.

Additionally, according to the report, a new Dragon Ball movie is in pre-production, which is in line with a previous assertion by Akio Iyoku, the series producer. 

According to the article, Toei Animation intends to cut the time between new films in the series to roughly 2-3 years. The most recent Dragon Ball Super movie, Super Hero, was in production for about five years. There were no specifics concerning the plot of the upcoming movie given.

What is the source of the rumor?

When is Dragon Ball Super coming back
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Some of the first leaks about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s major surprises came from the rumor’s source, DBSChronicles, and turned out to be accurate. Although there have been speculations about a continuation of the anime series for a while, Iyoku promised fans of the franchise something to look forward to besides the release of Super Hero at the beginning of the year, and this new anime series is probably the exact thing he was hinting at.

DBS Season 2: New episodes will premiere again in 2023!!

When is Dragon Ball Super coming back
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The anime seems to take a long break after the conclusion of the Universal Survival Arc. Despite giving Super Dragon Ball Heroes to its devoted viewers, Toei Animation appears to have taken the ideal strategic pause before returning with the future Galactic Patrol Prisoner storyline.

Although the story and timeline of the future episodes of Dragon Ball Super have not yet been made public, author Akira Toriyama is notorious for incorporating crucial film elements into the series. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that fans will finally get to see Broly and Gohan new transition into the canon.

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