When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Air? Here Are Some Shocking Cast Changes!! 

Yellowstone season 4 has left a burning cliffhanger on the Dutton family. Every western drama fan is counting the days for the arrival of the new season of Taylor Sheridan’s masterpiece. So, when does season 5 of Yellowstone air? Here are the latest updates. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Will Twist & Turn The Story!! 

When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Air
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Earlier this month in Yellowstone, Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, took a break from casting season five of the sweeping family drama.

When speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the actress opened up about what her character depicts in the next in-store installment on the red carpet.

It will be recalled by the fans of the hit series that season four declined with Beth finally wedded to her longtime love, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). 

According to Reilly, holy matrimony doesn’t want a simpler life for the family after marriage, as we look forward to in this series.

“When I thought about that, Beth might be trying to down a little bit because she was a married woman, but she could not hold that marriage knot tightly,” Kelly said. 

Kelly Reilly Reveals A Sneak Peek Of Beth Dutton In Yellowstone Season 5!! 

When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Air
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Kelly explains that her character in the series is old-fashioned in a pretty strange way, mostly when talking about her morals in an interview described by an Entertainment Tonight. 

She further said that for the character, it is a hard thing to believe that she is married now, and to accept her husband is an excellent matter for her to accept. 

And this fact in the series can’t be ignored that guy has been in love with her since she was 16 years old. And even the character of Reilly in the series also loves her husband, and He’s the only man other than her father that she’s ever loved.

It’s hard to see what’s coming next for our favorite Montana family! 

So, with the fans craving for the new season, it is a most awaited question: When does season 5 of Yellowstone air? Here is all we know.

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date 2022 – When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Air?  

When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Air
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So, the date of the premiere has been announced. Yellowstone season five will debut on November 13 only on the Paramount Network. 

This announcement has created hype among its viewers; likewise, it’s a season 4 cliffhanger where Kevin Costner played John Dutton’s role. 

In season 4, John Dutton was the owner of a cattle ranch in Montana. Season 4 revolves around his and his children’s efforts in the face of numerous adversities. 

After season 4, many asked, When does season 5 of Yellowstone air? This question was answered recently, due to which the audience is excited about the release of season 5.

The drama series follows Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, who runs a cattle ranch in Montana that has been in his family for six generations. Despite numerous obstacles, the show revolves around his and his children’s battle to keep the family ranch afloat.

Casting Details: Yellowstone Season 5 2022

Some casting directors of the series are Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Gel Birmingham. 

During the fourth season, this show became the most-watched in 2021 and debuted in 2018, with viewers of 10.3 million. Even though season four fans have been inquiring about the next series since January.


Many twists and turns are expected; it can also be heard that Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on the show, can return, which can be seen speculating priority. If you were confused when does season 5 of Yellowstone air? So, it’s on November 13. Get ready!! 

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