When does Naruto Fight Pain | Naruto Vs Pain Episode

When does Naruto Fight Pain? Naruto Vs Pain Episode

Pain’s Assault (Arc)

Pain’s assault is an arc known as Two Saviours in the world of anime. Pain’s attack is seen on Konohagakure for finding Naruto Uzumaki. Its content spans volumes 45 to 48 and an episode from 172 to 175 of Naruto: Shippūden.
The story of Pain is something astonishing for the fans. However, certain fans are often confused about the plot and raise questions on when does Naruto fight pain?
The Fated Battle Between Brothers precedes this arc in the manga, and the Five Kage Summit follows it. The Taka vs. Eight-Tails event occurs at the conclusion of the Fated Battle Between Brothers arc in the anime.
When does Naruto Fight Pain | Naruto Vs Pain Episode

Taka vs the Eight-Tails

The answer of when does Naruto fight Pain is pretty amazing and includes other fights surrounding it. One of those is the Eight-Tails vs Taka.
Killer B defeats Jugo with Suigetsu’s sword after disarming Suigetsu Hozuki. Sasuke confronts him on his own. Though Sasuke used Mangekyō Sharingan, he was injured twice by Killer B. Initially, Sasuke got stabbed by Killer B’s sword, and the next time he received a strike from Killer B’s Lightning Release name Lariat.
Both the time Sasuke sustains from others’ help, the first time by Karin’s chakra, and the next time Jugo restored him by infusing his own flesh.
Killer B became the Eight-Tails after becoming enraged. A Tailed Beast Ball successfully resisted Suigetsu’s attempt to blast Killer B off with a massive wave. Sasuke utilized Amaterasu to halt the gigantic ox out of despair after witnessing Taka match his old squad. Sasuke cut one tentacle of the beast when it was about to smash Karin.
Ultimately Karin was stricken by another and fired with Amaterasu. Sasuke was able to extinguish the flames on both her and Killer B. Sasuke and Jugo return to Akatsuki’s base after gathering the wounded and their prisoner.
When Sasuke handed Killer B over to Tobi, he told him that his real goals were to kill not only Konoha’s seniors but the whole village in order to force the Uchiha to eliminate themselves and that he would murder everyone who stood in his way.
After completing his job, Sasuke leaves to a hideaway, unaware that Kumo-nin J. Taka is pursuing them, and tackled him before he could run away when he was found.
Due to the loss of huge Akatsuki members, sealing of Eight-Tails takes longer, and in the meantime, Killer B’s body converts to a tentacle. Still, on the battlefield, Killer B emerges from a tentacle at the lake’s bottom, pleased that Akatsuki “kidnapped” him and enabled him to flee the area.
The Eight-Tails warns B that Akatsuki is still after him and inquires as to why B used almost all of his strength fighting all out, to which B replies that he got carried away since Sasuke was one of the most formidable contenders he would ever face.
If you are a new viewer of the anime, you may be confused about what episode does Naruto fight Pain. Well, no worries as in this article, we will cover what episode is Naruto vs Pain and assemble all the hidden pieces of the story.
So, make sure you don’t miss out on any point to know when does Naruto fight pain.
When does Naruto Fight Pain | Naruto Vs Pain Episode

Pain’s Invasion – Naruto Vs Pain Episode

If you are keen to know when does Naruto fight pain, here is everything about Pains’ attack and his backstory.
Pain reveals the plan of battle after reaching Konoha. In this plan, Animal Path, Asura Path, and Preta Path work as distractors, and Human Path, Deva Path, and Naraka Path ask villagers about Naruto Uzumaki. The Asura Path then hurled the Animal Path into the settlement, where it called the other Six Paths of Pain, and the assault started.
The numerous sites of assault made it impossible for Konoha to respond since they only anticipated one invader. In this situation, the village expects Naruto to return and aid in defense. But Danzo killed the messenger and prevented the chance of capturing Nine-Tails by Akatsuki; they also hoped that Tsunade would leave her attacking position.
But Tsunade stayed in the Ninja Academy, summoning Katsuyu to cure villagers who had been wounded during the assault.
The Deva Path was soon joined by the Asura Path in engaging Kakashi Hatake. Choza and his son aid Kakashi and found a five-second window in gravity manipulation of Deva Path. Despite finding this knowledge and defeating the Asura Path, Choza and his crew were severely injured, and Kakashi was unconscious.

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Only Choji was left to relay the information to Tsunade. Tsume and Kiba Inuzuka battled and destroyed the Naraka Path, while Konohamaru Sarutobi destroyed the Preta Path.
Konan questioned numerous Konoha shinobi regarding the location of Naruto as the assault proceeded.  By this time, however, Naruto had gained every single Konoha shinobi’s respect, and no shinobi would willingly reveal Naruto’s whereabouts for the risk of being murdered.
Shizune, Ino Yamanaka, and Inoichi learned the mystery of Pain’s Six Paths when the Deva Path approached Tsunade to interrogate her about Naruto.
They explained that each body was only a chakra-powered animated corpse and that Pain’s actual body was somewhere else. Shizune summarized their research and discovered Naruto’s location at Mount Myoboku.
When does Naruto Fight Pain | Naruto Vs Pain Episode

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Naruto vs Pain full episode

If you are one of the Naruto viewers wandering around with questions like when does Naruto fight Pain or what episode does Naruto fight Pain, here is all we know.
The toads on Mount Myboku planned for a counter-attack after learning about Pain’s assault. Shima was instructed to bring Naruto to Konoha by preparing a reverse summoning just after Shinra Tensei leveled the hamlet.
The animal path was used for backing into the town and summoned the remainder of the paths to battle the jinchuriki after utilizing the Naraka Path to restore the damaged Asura Path.
Naruto rescued Tsunade and destroyed the Asura and other Paths using his newly acquired senjutsu techniques and a with perfect release technique of Rasenshuriken before the Deva Path recovered enough power to fight by itself again.
When Naruto is caught in Preta Path, he uses Senjutsu to break the Preta Path, and finally, he confronts Deva Path.
Pain defeated the huge toads swiftly and took control of the situation, and killed Fukasaku in the meantime. After grabbing and immobilizing him with some other gravity control trick, Pain anchored Naruto to the floor with the Chakra Disruption Blades.
Naruto questioned Pain what the necessity of doing this was, and Pain said that was the only way to establish peace throughout the globe: the method of force. The Pain was planned for making a strong weapon that can destroy an entire country, and that fear will prevent further fighting.
However, Shikamaru Nara survived from Konoha attacks and found Shizune’s body carried by the Yaamanak group. Shikamaru disclosed that Pain’s actual body is kept near the village. A high place is chosen to keep the body, and Pain can control the six Paths easily from such height.
Pain’s body was sticking with numerous chakra blades at the back, and the body was hidden in a makeshift tree close to the village.
Showing love for Naruto, Hinata Hyuga tried to rescue him but was critically wounded by an attack. Naruto slipped off his rage and transformed into his six-tailed form, assuming Pain had murdered her.
The Nine-Tails took over Naruto’s body, who battled and defeated Pain, forcing him to flee the area.
Pain utilized the Chibaku Tensei to construct a huge tiny moon in an effort to catch the Nine-Tails. Throughout this moment, Naruto, who was trapped in his own mind and lost in misery, cried out for assistance, prompting Pain’s images of serenity to respond.
Getting the benefit of Naruto’s suffering, the Nine-Tails persuaded him to break the seal and destroy the whole planet.
The seal was distorted as a result of this. Despite the tiny moon’s power, the deformed sealing enabled the eighth-tail to expand, partly bursting free of the sphere.
At that time, Minato appeared in the picture and was aware Naruto of what was going on there. Minato confessed that he was Naruto’s father.
He locked the Nine-Tails inside him since he, too, thought the Nine-Tails came to Konoha forcefully and that the assault was perpetrated by a masked person within Akatsuki. Minato repaired the seal and helped Naruto to get back in the battle with Pain.
Pain and Naruto started their battle again, and Naruto used shadow clones to strike Pain in a five-second window. Naruto utilized its black receivers for hunting down and facing Nagato personally after Pain’s final body was destroyed.
When does Naruto Fight Pain | Naruto Vs Pain Episode

Naruto Vs Pain Episode

So, when does Naruto fight Pain? Which are the insane episodes of their battle? Here is the complete details –

Naruto Vs Pain Episode Numbers
Episode Title
152Sombre News
153Following the Master’s Shadow
155The First Challenge
156Surpassing the Master
157Assualt on the Leaf Village
158Power of Believe
159Pain Vs. Kakashi
160Mystery of Pain
161Surname is Sarutobi. Given Name, Konohamaru
162Pain to the World
163Explode! Sage Mode
165Nine-Tailed Captured!
168The Fourth Hokage
169The Two Students
173Origin of Pain
174Tale of Naruto Uzumaki
175Hero of the Hidden Leaf

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The Talk with Nagato

While they reached the makeshift tree, they discussed several aspects of Konoha. Nagato utilized his Outer Path to free all of the souls who had been imprisoned, as well as to resurrect those who had perished.
The Toad Sage was seen at Mount Myboku, informing Gamabunta that everyone was resurrected and that he found it odd that it would be two of Jiraiya’s students who would lead the Ninja World’s uprising.
Nagato then died after passing his will to Naruto. Konan chose to quit the Akatsuki and grabbed the corpses of both Nagato and Yahiko, assuring Naruto and saying she would trust in him. She then made a bunch of flowers out of her paper and presented it to Naruto as a symbol of peace.
When does Naruto Fight Pain | Naruto Vs Pain Episode

Final thoughts

Naruto began his journey back after erecting a shrine in the jungle in honor of his sensei. He was about to pass out from fatigue when he was grabbed by a freshly resurrected Kakashi, who brought Naruto to the village’s edge on his back.
As the villagers applauded Naruto, Iruka and Ebisu reflected on how their perceptions had shifted dramatically over time; he was previously seen as a nuisance and a monster, but as his actions were recognized, he became recognized a genuine hero in the perspective of many.
Naruto’s greatest wish for recognition has finally come true. This happens during this arc in the anime, while it happens at the Five Kage Summit in the manga.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Q1: What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Ans – If you are wondering about when does Naruto fight Pain, the anime fans witnessed one of the most thrilling battles between Naruto and Pain in Episode 168 – The Fourth Hokage. This Naruto vs Pain episode was loaded with thrill, action, and some unimaginable sequences.

Q2: What Episode Does Pain Die?

Ans –  The fight between Naruto and Pain was something astonishing for the fans. Though Pain gave a strong competition to Naruto by the end of the Pain arc, Naruto overpowered him and destroyed his body.

Q3: Who Kills Pain In Naruto?

Ans – After getting close to Nagato, the Deva Path used Chibaku Tensei, nearly barring Naruto in a floating sphere. However, Naruto ultimately unleashed the eight-tailed transformations and overpowered Pain.

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So, we have covered the story of when does Naruto fight Pain. Hope you loved the article and make sure to comment down about your thoughts and share this with your friends. Follow us for more interesting articles on Naruto.

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