What Is An Ackerman? Shocking Facts On This Attack On Titan Clan 

Attack On Titan has introduced several characters which impressed the fans. One of those mysterious races is the Ackerman. So, what is an Ackerman? Here is all we know.

what is an ackerman
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What is an Ackerman? 

The Ackerman family was created through experimentation on the Subjects of Ymir by the old Eldian Empire. The Ackermans were granted the ability to use the Power of the Titans while in human form as a result of this experimentation. This is most visible in their near-superhuman feats, such as Mikasa’s strength and Levi’s ability to survive a point-blank Thunder Spear.

what is an ackerman
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The Ackermans are also immune to the Founding Titan’s memory manipulation, which is how they kept their memories of life before the Walls.

This is also one of the reasons they were able to reject King Fritz’s ideals; if they could be forced to forget, they wouldn’t know what to be against. King Fritz hunted them down to a handful because of their inability to be controlled.

The Ackermans also have the ability” to be “awakened.” Through the paths, they not only gain superhuman abilities, but they also gain battle experience from previous Ackermans. This is what makes them so effective fighters, particularly Levi “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Ackerman. 

The only caveat Is that the Ackermans must be awakened by their survival instinct. Mikasa demonstrated this when she was nine years old and Eren told her to “fight” when they were attacked by robbers. 

what is an ackerman
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She could crush a knife grip, break floorboards, and stab a robber through the heart from behind if she used her hidden potential. She would have remained an ordinary little girl if her life hadn’t been put in danger.

So, if you are here we hope you know what is an Ackerman and why they are so popular in Attack On Titan. Make sure to stay tuned for more interesting articles. 

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