What if Avengers Infinity War Thor Literally Had Gone After Thanos’ Head?

Thor was highly affected by Thanos’ taunting comments in Avengers: Infinity War, but what would have happened if Avengers Infinity War Thor had literally gone for the head during his first attempt to slay the Mad Titan? Here is everything we know. 

What If Avengers Infinity War Thor Went For Thanos’ Head? 

Avengers Infinity War Thor
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Thor had a strong sense of revenge after what Thanos had put him through in the first scene of the Infinity War where we could foresee Thor vs Thanos.

After the death of his brother, Loki, and many of his people, he went on a rampage in quest of a new weapon, absorbing the whole might of a star so Eitri could construct Stormbreaker. 

Thor persisted in his objective, going closer to maiming Thanos than any other Avenger, but he fell short as Thanos spoke the immortal words, “You should have gone for the head.”

Loki Obeys Thanos?

The strong Thanos created a formidable first impression when he was first hinted at in the post-credits sequence for the Avengers, where it was found out that Loki was acting on his commands. 

As he got closer to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, his heinous menace grew clearer, revealing himself to be a worthy adversary for the Avengers as he plotted to amass the powerful Infinity Stones. 

As Thanos became powerful, the stones spread throughout the myriad of MCU films established in Phases 1-3, forcing MCU heroes to band together on a scale never seen before to defeat his reign of terror.

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Thor vs Thanos

Avengers Infinity War Thor
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The Avengers didn’t have the planning or resources to defeat Thanos the first time around in Infinity War, despite having the whole Wakanda on their side. 

Tony and Steve were at odds, and there was no real strategy in time. This led to their demise, as Thanos snapped his fingers and successfully obliterated half of all living beings in Infinity War until everything was put right in Avengers: Endgame.

However, events in the MCU would have played out quite differently if Avengers Infinity War Thor had a clearer view of things and went after Thanos’ head right away.

The Emotional Climax

The emotional climax to the Infinity Saga got kicked off with a bang in the opening sequence of Infinity War. 

Thanos begins his hero thrashing in Infinity War by thrashing the Hulk, then slaying Heimdall with a spear before strangling Loki.

Thor had already lost his mother, father, and evil sister, but now he had also lost his brother and best friend. 

By the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Loki, and Thor had worked hard to rebuild their relationship, and a poignant Infinity War detail in the Thor: Love & Thunder teaser further proves their newfound love.

After Defeating Thanos In Infinity War, What Happens To Thor?

Avengers Infinity War Thor

If Avengers Infinity War Thor had defeated Thanos, his journey would have been very different. He may have continued in his old ways since he would have never had his introspective trip inwards toward the kind of hero he wanted to be. 

This could indicate that he felt more pressured to lead New Asgard rather than naming Valkyrie as King. And, given that we know from Endgame and the teaser for Love & Thunder that Thor wants to figure out who he is on the inside, his rule over Fresh Asgard could have been a hindrance to him, as well as a hindrance to Valkyrie’s new and intriguing piece.

Thor Would Have Made MCU Overcrowded?

During the battle between Thor vs Thanos, if Thor had gone after Thanos’ head, the original Avengers would almost certainly still be around in some capacity, with no need for new blood. 

With them gone, Shang-Chi, Sam as Captain America, Yelena, and Moon Knight, to name a few, have had smooth introductions. The MCU would be even more overcrowded than it is now if the original six had all survived.

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