What Happens To Tory After Cobra Kai Season 5?

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Who is Tory Nichols in Cobra Kai?

What Happens To Tory
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She’s the ultimate main character of the Cobra Kai Series. She has been described as the troubled and disturbed teen who speaks her mind and is willing to fight anyone who angers or annoys her—Ah, isn’t she a bombshell? Ah, she’s a rebel, though. Also, Tory becomes a student at the newly reopened Cobra Kai Dojo!

So here we bring some sizzling news about Cobra Kai Season 5 

After all, what happens to Tory after Cobra Kai Season 5? Ah, it was a question after she made a massive decision in Season 5! The end of Cobra Kai Season 5 has left Tory’s future hanging. 

How furious she was with Silver and seemingly done with Kreese, too. Tory has finally left Cobra Kai. 

Indeed, there would be a lot of changes now in the series and their upcoming episodes. Any guesses? Isn’t it so hard to judge?

We were amazed to see how Tory turned on Kreese and Silver

What Happens To Tory
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Also, she’s no longer at odds with her oldest oh-so-rival of the Cobra Kai! It looks like Cobra Kai has allowed her to solve her feud with Sam! Well, there’s no hint that these two might become friends shortly.

But yes, the finale episode gives no hint about what Tory will do ahead 

She’ll be active in the sports of Karate. But the most predicted thing is that she’ll be joining Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen’s dojo, but she has no loyalty. So now what will happen?

But it looks like Cobra Kai Season 6 would have a story of Tory ahead!! 

What Happens To Tory
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Do you think she’ll get a new mentor in Season 6? If yes, then it has to be Chozen. Any answers? We feel his perception of Miyagi do Karate could impress Tory. So, they’ll focus on training instead of fighting Cobra Kai!

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