What Happens To Daemon Targaryen After House Of The Dragon Episode 4?

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Any guesses about what we are bringing to you today? Ah, keep guessing. It might be a surprise, though! Yay, it’s House of the Dragon’s latest update!

So, today we are here to reveal what happens to Daemon Targaryen now? Here is all we know…

What’s House of The Dragon all about? 

What Happens To Daemon Targaryen

With 8.8/10 IMDB ratings, this series is worth watching. People can binge-watch the episodes anytime, anywhere! It’s about the story of the Targaryen civil war about 200 years before the events portrayed in “Game of Thrones.” 

Also, it has a huge fan following; just a reminder! So, imagine the excitement fans would have about the recent episode update!

So, here we bring you the spoilers of House of the Dragon Episode 4

Yes, the latest episode reveals what happens to Daemon Targaryen. Fans have been waiting with curiosity; after all, who can think of missing this? Yes, he makes things so much worse in the recent episode—keep reading to know everything about it 

Who’s Daemon Targaryen?

What Happens To Daemon Targaryen
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Prince Daemon Targaryen was a House Targaryen member, a younger son of prince Baelon Targaryen. Also, did you know Daemon was the second husband of Rhaenyra Targaryen, princess of Dragonstone?

Daemon was considered to be the most experienced warrior of his time 

He also wielded the Valyrian she’ll blade Dark Sister. Also, Daemon declared himself the King of the Stepstones and the Narrow seas. Also, he supported his wife during the Dance of the Dragons! 

Ah, but what happens to Daemon Targaryen in Episode 4?

Ah, he sets up a twist for the character in Driftmark. He’s exiled again by none other than King Viserys in this episode. Later, it’s said he seals his fate when he seduces Rhaenyra and how beautifully he touches her, the joy of art!

But later, what happens when Viserys asks Daemon about the rumors?

He suggests that Viserys marry Princess Rhaenyra to him, but later this proposal is refused by the King. But, after that, Daemon is exiled by the King. 

It’s predicted that Daemon will be in the Stepstones for some time until he hears the demise news of his wife, Rhea Royce. Oops, but episode 4 already revealed that Laena is betrothed to the son of Braavos! 

What Happens To Daemon Targaryen
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But who knows what Episode 5 will lead to?

Daemon is said to be seen convincing Corlys to let him marry the gorgeous Laena. But will he get a chance to marry her? Who knows? Also, Daemon would be challenging Braavosi. 

What if Dameon wins by using his sword? And many more twists will be happening with Daemon in the next episode. 

What if House Of The Dragon Season 1 reveals a ten-year jump?

Yes, guys, it’s probably possible—comment below on what you think about the same. Stay tuned, don’t forget to follow us, and take care, guys! Sayonara! 

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