The Time Traveler’s Wife Spoilers – What Happened To Ingrid?

If you are a fan of the Time Traveler’s Wife, we know one question is bothering you – what happened to Ingrid? So, here is all we know so far.

OMG! Please tell us this is not the truth. 

What has happened to Ingrid? If you aren’t a big fan of “The Time Travellers’ Wife,” let us first tell you what this series is all about.

Each episode’s review of HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Wife by MEAWW calls it a complicated love story. 

Yaaaas, it is as if a man falling through time meets the same woman in different stages of life—Whoa, strange, huh? 

So, if you have watched the series, one question must be haunting you – what happened to Ingrid? Well, here is the answer.

Based on the bestselling debut novel by Audrey Niffenegger

What Happened To Ingrid
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The not-so-simplified love story in fiction till now, 

The Time Traveler’s Wife has a bizarre story—The one in which the protagonists have been brought together by the time.

Claire first met Henry when she was just six years old, while in Henry’s so-called timeline just appeared on the scene telling his 28 years old self that she was destined to be his wife!

The relationship between Henry and his girlfriend, Ingrid

Ingrid was Henry’s Girlfriend before he met Clare. The 28 years old dashing Henry already had a girlfriend, Ingrid; no doubt their relationship was heated. 

Ingrid listens to an answer message Clare has left on Henry’s apartment phone and barges in on dinner ( Which was not going that great!)

No one could ever think Clare had planned to introduce Henry to her only best friends and didn’t consider two versions of Henry turning up due to time travel. Dinner was indeed a very weird get-together, holding to a shocking climax in the future in which Henry disclosed that Ingrid didn’t have long to live—what!

But what happened to Ingrid in the Time Traveler’s Wife?

What Happened To Ingrid
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Isn’t it the most annoying thing about a time traveler’s experience of time because they know a little too much at times. 

The episode clearly states that Ingrid had self-harming and suicidal tendencies. Once it so happened, Ingrid became so depressed and shattered as she had lost Henry to Clare and thus made several attempts to kill herself. 

What? Gomez alerted Henry about this already!

What Happened To Ingrid
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Yes, Henry was aware of Ingrid’s situation, but he didn’t intervene. But—What happened to Ingrid? 

No, we can’t lose her! But in the end, a future Henry time-traveled back to Ingrid’s apartment, and yes, she took her own life in front of his eyes. Aaah, this is so depressing!

Did you guys observe? There was so much love and affection in their eyes of Henry as he spoke to Ingrid. But felt Henry would move on because she knew she’d just had dinner with his future wife, which is what happened to Ingrid!

Oh No, we are sad 

Perhaps everyone will move on from Ingrid, and considering the storyline, even Henry would move on. Yes, this was exactly how it was in the novel. We will miss you, Ingrid! Let us know in the comments whether you will miss watching Ingrid, too?

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