What Happened To Cassidy in This Is Us Finale?

So, we’re in the final episode of “This Is Us” with many new characters. With each passing episode, everyone is eagerly waiting to know what will happen to Cassidy in “This Is Us Finale” and how the series is going to end. 

Rumors have been buzzing around that the series will go down and continue with the Pearson Family’s story. The season finale is expected to end on NBC mode with a mysterious end. Though there is a lot of gossip buzzing around, we anticipate that the drama will squeeze with many shocking twists and turns before it is finally off the air. But what will happen to Cassidy in the This Is Us finale? Here is all we know. 

 What Happened To Cassidy In This Is Us Finale? 

This Is Us Finale
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Since the day show was aired, the strategy set up a platform with many questions, and with every passing episode, makers are revealing answers. 

However, recently, This Is Us Finale revolves around Kevin and his wedding to the mother of twins (Caitlin Thompson) Madison. The scenes flash forward to new episodes showing the final comeback of Kevin into serial dating ways. 

But, in all plotting and ill-timed attempts, the character of Cassidy gets down and looks flat. He explained to Sophie (childhood sweetheart) in “The Night Before Wedding” that his other relationship failed multiple times. 

In season 5, you have seen her mother’s death, and now in This Is Us finale, her presence at Kate’s wedding with her husband appears strange. The season is followed by Sophie and her journey as the solo month that turns into the wedding weekend later. 

This Is Us Finale
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But what happened next is surely a lesson. Cassidy keeps herself busy managing the group of military vets working to lay down a foundation. She also spends time with her son and Kevin’s family. However, in the darkness of night, she caught herself in a strange spot, plagued by the brutality of the war and devastated by a chronic lack of sleep. 

The next part of the show already disclosed some answers, including various circumstances of Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) and Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) divorce, Philip (Chris Geere); the identity of Kevin’s wife (Justin Hartley), the fate of Miguel (Jon Huertas), Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and so on. 

This Is Us Finale

However, there are still some dangling threads that need to be solved, including: 

  • What will happen to Kate in the future? 
  • Who is Deja’s (Lyric Ross) father? 
  • Will Rebecca die in the end? 

But the good news here is that Dan Fogelman (Series Creator) has recorded all these questions and is soon going to answer at the end of the “This Is Us” series. So, we hope by the end of the series; there will be no unturned stone, said the creator in an interview. 

You would not have anything to ask about the cliffhangers when the show ends. 

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