Westworld Season 4 Revealed This Character Survived!! But How?

In Westworld season 4, many characters made unexpected returns. One, in particular, was surprising because it seemed impossible for them to survive from their last scene. Not spoiling the show for those already watching Westworld season 4, we will not reveal who this is. We’re sure that even fans of Westworld were stunned by this plot twist! 

Warning: Huge Spoilers Ahead!!!

End of Westworld season 3

Westworld Season 3 finale, “Crisis Theory,” showed viewers the world had changed drastically over eight years after the series premiere. 

Instead of an apocalyptic event, life has returned to normal, with people now having access to their free will. 

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Most people, who were previously machines in service to humans, are happy about this opportunity and enjoy doing what they want for themselves. 

However, some still feel like something is missing in their lives since the park was shut down.

Westworld Season 4 : Which faces should we expect?

“The Auguries”  – Westworld Season 4 premiere sees an unexpected combination of familiar faces. 

The Season 3 finale is not only a game-changer for Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) but a huge one for the show. This finale isn’t only about solving a mystery and dealing with an unknown enemy but providing a last emotional moment for the character, where she reminisces about her life in modern society before passing her torch to Thandie Newton’s Maeve (a fantastic performance from Newton by the way)!

Caleb decided to erase the Robots system and any traces of Dolores’ memories with it. It seemed clear that there was little room left for Evan Rachel Wood’s first robot to make a comeback in the new season, except it seemed she was under a different identity within another game.

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Eight years down the lane, Dolores, who is now known as Christina, She has become a successful writer in the gaming industry. She cannot help but feel drawn to a particular memory of one of the core storylines presented during Season 1 of the well-known Westworld game series. 

However, her boss encourages her to write violent and adrenaline-fueled stories. Not only did Westworld Season 4 confirm that Dolores survived after being shot by the Man in Black, but it also hinted that her memories still exist somewhere in her mind.

Peter seemed to have taken a job similar to the Narrative Head in Westworld, but he wasn’t creating identities for the hosts. His long-time stalker Christina tried to convince her that the stories she wrote affected real-life people, but he wasn’t buying it. 

This leads to the moment in the Season 4 premiere where Peter jumps off a building with Christina on the phone, asking if she had written him so that he could die like this in this scene.

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In Westworld’s Season 3 finale, we learned that Bernard/Arnold wiped Dolores’ memory of her past for her to regain consciousness and become the rebellious character we know her as today. 

We don’t know much about what happened to this duo and why their relationship became strained, but then again, knowing how this show is, who knows where we’ll go from here.

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