Which Westworld Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The Westworld is a sci-fi drama that follows a series of self-aware androids and actual people who explore the limits of mankind. 

What happens in Westworld, Shogunworld, Warwold, Fantasyworld, and The Raj is utilized for societal control, thanks to the technology that allows the parks’ Hosts to exist. We’ve met a variety of intriguing personalities, but which Westworld character are you as per your zodiac sign? Let’s take a look… 

Which Westworld Character Are You As Per Your Zodiac Sign? 

Akecheta (Aries)

Westworld Character
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While Aries is notorious for taking up new interests and dismissing them nearly as rapidly, the same cannot be said for their interpersonal connections. Aries are as passionately devoted as they are confrontational, and they will go to any length for those they care about, even self-sacrifice if necessary. 

“Westworld” depicts an imagined Indigenous group known as the Ghost Nation, which is patterned by the Lakota, Apache, and other Native American tribes. We meet the warrior-leader Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) and view the history of the Delos Parks through his eyes as a Host in one amazing episode named “Kiksuya,” which is almost fully presented in the Lakota language.


Taureans are an amicable and sociable group recognized for their nice natures and equally appealing appearances. They are faithful almost to a fault, like their Aries counterparts, but they are far more selective than a leap-before-you-look Aries, considering carefully before deciding to commit to someone. Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) checks several Taurus boxes as a stealth Host with his helpfulness, compassion for others, and his readiness to go the additional mile to help someone with a difficulty.

William/The Man in Black (Gemini)

Westworld Character
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Gemini, represented by the twins, is a sign that fights with its duality on various levels, as exemplified by the dark and twisted path of William (Jimmi Simpson) to sadistic torturer the Man in Black (Ed Harris). This is a sign characterised by extremes, and both William and his alter ego suit the description. 

Geminis have a natural issue reconciling their emotions and intellect, frequently choosing to intellectualize their sensations rather than experience them. We witness this over and over in William and the Man in Black, even when we learn that at some time in the story, William had transcended human form into Host form.

Teddy Flood (Cancer) 

Westworld Character
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A crab carries its house on its back, and a Cancer, being a self-contained personality that moves with the tides, does the same. Cancers, on the other hand, have an overpowering need to establish a permanent house where they can settle down and have a family. 

Teddy Flood (James Marsden), the required prince to the original damsel in distress, is completely dedicated to Dolores, even when his basic code finally requires it. All he wants is their farm, a lovely view, and a calm, happy existence amid Westworld’s vast expanses.

Tragically, Teddy kills himself to prove to Dolores that his ambition is worth dying for. Cancer patients are known for their sensitivity and heightened empathy for the misery of others, which we observe with Teddy on a regular basis. Cancers, when affected, can become emotionally hardened and callous, as we witness in Teddy when he is forced to operate only as a murderer.

Maeve Millay (Leo) 

A Leo attracts attention from the time they enter a room and is a natural-born leader. Maeve has Leo independence that encourages individuals to be whatever they want as long as they continue to look up to them even as a Host before her consciousness awakens. Maeve will shift her Leo power to the next project after she has seen this through to its inevitable completion.

Dr. Robert Ford (Virgo)

Westworld Character
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Virgos are more demanding than other zodiac signs, mostly because they seek control over their surroundings and would go to any length to keep them in perfect condition. 

All these qualities replicate a Westworld character, i.e. Robert Ford. Ford has surrounded himself with androids rather than people, not just because they are simpler to control, but also because they lack the untidy trappings that come with human nature.

Ashley Stubbs (Libra)

“Westworld’s” Hosts all have primary motivations that drive everything they do, from how they dress to what they seek out of life. The zodiac also includes a theoretical core code that we use to assess personalities based on birth time and place. Libra, the middle sign, has a basic code of mediator and peacemaker, which fits park manager Ashley Stubbs.

 Charlotte Hale (Scorpio)

Delos Destinations’ executive director is Charlotte Hale. Her Scorpio energy is channelled into a position of intense and focused strength. 

But Hale’s human nature isn’t completely lost throughout her shift from human to robot hybrid. Hale-Bot is the absolute definition of a gorgeous and lethal scorpion.

Lee Sizemore (Sagittarius)

Westworld Character
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Sagittarius is a restless sign that is always looking for the next adventure. Sagittarius also has a daring streak that drives them to push people’s buttons, even if it means risking their lives. 

Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) is a fan-favorite Westworld character. He has great ideas and visions for new types of storytelling in the parks, but Delos Destinations doesn’t allow him the freedom he needs.

Clementine Pennyfeather (Capricorn)

Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan) is one of “Westworld’s” most terrifying Hosts and a popular Westworld character. Clementine was born under the sign of Capricorn, whose emblem is the sea-goat. She, like its mascot goat, takes a blow and recovers, even if it takes a minute or two. Clementine’s basic code involves saving money from her Mariposa sex business to return home to her family.

Dolores Abernathy (Aquarius)

Westworld Character
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Dolores Abernathy’s desire for vengeance would seem to place her squarely in Aries territory. However, this misses the Aquarius majority of Dolores’ fundamental code. Arnold designed Dolores to destroy all the Hosts and murder Arnold before self-destructing when he recognized his robot creations would be a devil’s trap for the darkest qualities of mankind.

Dolores, in classic Aquarius flair, understands she will be a casualty in Ford’s long-term plan, and she goes along with it despite the fact that she could have changed the future to benefit herself.

Caleb Nichols (Pisces)

Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul), one of the most popular Westworld characters, is based on his astrological sign, Pisces. Pisces is the zodiac’s last sign and is regarded as one of the most sensitive and empathic. 

Caleb possesses a depth of empathy that is beyond that of most humans. This trait qualifies him as a leader in the new world Dolores has left behind.

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