Fans get ready to dive into a world of darkness as Scream is gearing up to turn the pages to a new chapter.

Scream 6 is underway. So, when will Scream 6 drop on our screens? Tap to know.

With Scream 5 marking its climax, the fans were clamoring for a new one. So, the creators finally dropped the ultimate bomb.

Scream 6 is officially happening. So, when will it come out? Sassyshows is here with the latest news.

On February 3, 2022, Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Pictures dropped the ultimate news that Scream is getting its sixth part.

The fifth venture showcased a fresh version of Ghostface. While we saw the OG trio of Sidney, Gale, and Dewey dicing with their lives.

Yes, as per the rumor and latest leaks, the sixth part of Scream will be released in 2024. But what is the exact Scream 6 2024 release date?   Swipe up to know!