Who are the most adorable black anime characters female? Tap to get the complete list.

For most anime fans their female crushes often possess a fair skin tone.

While the anime world is dominated by beautiful-looking fair-skinned anime girls, many super gorgeous black anime characters females have made their way to the hearts of anime lovers.

Black skin is regarded as a boon and it possesses godly beauty. So, today we will explore the top 5 anime female characters who have black skin.

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The first character on our list is - Michiko Milandro from Michiko to Hatchin

Michiko is a black-skinned, tall, and adorable female anime character.

She has incredibly hot physical attributes which she loves to flaunt. However, she has a bit of a wild and abusive nature.

The next female character is - Coffee from Cowboy Bebop

Though Coffee gets small screen time in Cowboy Bebop, she won many hearts with her insane looks.

With an aesthetic and adorable look, she left a statement. While fans also liked her mannerism.

The next character on our list is - Miyuki Ayukawa from Basquash!

Miyuki is one of the adorable black anime characters female who is the definition of beauty with brains.

The number four on our list is - Ymir from Attack On Titan

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