We Bet You Missed These Shocking Details In GTA 6 Leak!! 

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is one of the all-time favourite games of every gamer. Rockstar is one of the biggest industries in gaming and has always entertained its fans with innumerable games and gaming features.

Recently, in one of the posts, we saw that the GTA 6 videos were released online by a hacker. 

The game is said to be a return to Vice City. The company has still not yet passed any significant comments on this, but the video clearly shows that this might be about GTA 6. Let’s find out more about it.

Things You Missed In GTA 6 Leak 

gta 6 leak

Lucia and Jason in the game

The two characters, Lucia and Jason, are confirmed in the game. Rockstar has a history of playing multiple characters in the game. 

The same goes with this GTA also. The game starts with the two characters making their appearance in a motel. Also, a point came where a sudden switch in nature also happens. The switching was not as smooth as it occurs here, indicating that the game graphics will be rock solid.

The smartphone makes a fightback in GTA 6 leak

We have seen previously in GTA 4 and 5 that the player has the facility to use a smartphone.

It looks like the tradition will continue in GTA 6. Many new elements have been added, and the player will also get to socialize over there just like we do in real life.

Transportation Advancement in GTA 6

gta 6 leak

Though the game is still developing, significant transport changes are expected in the new version.

A major comeback is of the subway station, which was previously there in GTA 4. Jason was spotted getting on and off the Vice City metro car, indicating that there are more ways to travel in the city than driving yourself. 

Some minor changes in combat moves

Combat efficiency is about to increase in GTA 6. The real-time gun reload system has been introduced, giving us a new life experience. The ability to go prone will also be there.

The wanted level will be a part of GTA 6

The wanted level is something that is included in every part of GTA. In previous versions of GTA, the 6-star Wanted system was there, which changed to 5 stars in GTA 5. The same will continue in GTA 6 also.

gta 6 leak

A glimpse of Daylife vs Nightlife in GTA 6 leaks

Usually, the user robs and loots money from various parties and completes the missions in daily life. While in nightlife, users can visit multiple clubs and experience a completely different vibe. 


In short, we can say that the game will completely surprise gamers with its all-new features and will enable them to live a meta life that they had never experienced before. 

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