We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Dragon Ball Super Zeno 

The Dragon Ball series features a variety of overpowered characters. Aliens that demolish planets, galactic-destroying gods of destruction, and cosmological-shattering angels. 

Then there is Dragon Ball Super Zeno, who turns all of these creatures into ants. Zeno, also known as the Omni-King and the supreme ruler of everything that has ever been, is, or will be, is essentially the deity of the Dragon Ball multiverse. 

It’s simple to become intimidated by such a terrifying character. 

However, when he is not dooming entire worlds, Zeno has the personality of a loving child. 

Here are some interesting facts you don’t know about Dragon Ball Super Zeno.

Facts You Don’t Know About Dragon Ball Super Zeno 

At Least 8.5 Million Years Ago, Zeno Existed

Dragon Ball Super Zeno

Age is a fickle thing in the Dragon Ball universe when people spend extended periods of time in the afterlife or train in settings where time moves more slowly than usual. Zeno’s age, though, puts all other characters to shame. 

According to some cunning speech near the start of the Tournament of Power, Zeno has been the Omni-King for 8.5 million years. 

The most powerful character in the franchise is Zeno

Dragon Ball Super Zeno
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Some interesting facts you don’t know about Zeno’s most intriguing elements. Resurrection F brought Frieza back and made him stronger than Goku and Vegeta. 

Then, the Universe 6 tournament introduced Hit, Champa, and Vados, characters who were all more potent than our leads. Battle of Gods began with Beerus as the most robust character and ended with Whis as the strongest. 

As if that weren’t enough, Zeno, the single most vital character in the Dragon Ball franchise, appeared at the end of the arc.

Smarter than he appears

Zeno is frequently portrayed as a spoiled brat who would destroy the cosmos if he got mad. 

Zeno designed the tournament of power as a litmus test for the candidates’ moral character, but later events revealed that despite acting like a child, Dragon Ball Super Zeno has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Maximum kill count

Dragon Ball Super Zeno
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Many of the characters in Dragonball have caused enormous damage. Planets were ruled by Frieza, who also killed millions. When civilizations offended him, Beerus destroyed them. 

However, neither of those accomplishments can compare to Zeno’s, who wiped out the entirety of reality and everything within it to stop Zamasu.

Zeno bestows divine favors upon his friends

Zeno is so strong that he can instantly destroy entire universes. Beerus is horrified by the lack of subtlety Goku displays around Zeno, but Zeno is genuinely affected by this sincere behavior. 

Zeno appreciates Goku’s “playtime” with him and gives him a button that will call him to action if necessary. Once the darkness of Infinite Zamasu spreads and infects reality, this benefit turns into the universe’s only hope.

Loneliest God is Zeno

Dragon Ball Super Zeno
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Zeno constantly inspires dread and reverence in those he interacts with, but there are better formulas for making friends and becoming well-liked. 

Zeno is attracted to Goku primarily because he is the only one who doesn’t treat him as the God-King of Everything but as an ordinary guy. 

Dragon Ball Super Zeno longs for company and enjoyment because of how lonely his existence is. Even though most people don’t think Zeno is sympathetic, it’s unfortunate that sometimes he has the multiverse jump through such complicated hoops only to keep him company.

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