Will There Be We are the Millers 2? Here Is All We Know!! 

“We’re the Millers,” a Warner Bros. picture from 2013, was a box office success. By spending just $37 million on the road comedy, which earned $269.9 million globally, Warner Bros benefited significantly from the studio’s earnings. So, it’s pretty obvious that with the success of the first venture the fans will crave for We are the Millers 2. So, will there be one more installment? Here is all we know. 

We are the Millers 1 Plot & How Can We Except The Story To Continue!! 

We are the Millers 2
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The plot is a bit predictable, yet it includes an entertaining twist towards the conclusion. 

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis), a small-time marijuana dealer, is forced to transport a large batch of narcotics from Mexico to the United States by Brad Gudlinger (Ed Helms). In return for a share of the money, David persuades his pal’s stripper Rose, weird adolescent Kenny (Will Poulter), and fugitive Casey to join him and pretend to be an ordinary family. Things get dicey when a vacationing Drug Enforcement Administration agent, played by Nick Offerman, begins to suspect the group. 

As the camera pulls out, a nursery full of marijuana plants grows in a suburban garden, showing the Millers that it may not be the end of their life as con artists. A sequel would be ideal.

We are the Millers 2 Release Date!! 

We are the Millers 2
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Given the admiration, it garnered for the adventure-comedy it provided us after a long absence, the announcement for a Part 2 in 2021.

We don’t know an exact release date for We are The Millers Part 2, so we’ll have to wait until the creators pass an update. 

Nevertheless, it seems that the producers should make a new announcement soon to satisfy this never-ending demand for We are the Millers 2. 

The studio announced the attachment of Adam Sztykiel, known for Due Date, to pen the sequel. They also stated that they were returning director Rawson Marshall Thurber known for his work on Dwayne Johnson’s The Rockers.

We are the Millers 2
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It’s been some time since the audiences saw Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston on-screen together performing as loving, controlling parents in the theatrically released “We’re the Millers.” 

While many film fans would love to see a sequel, it doesn’t appear they’ll be getting their wish anytime soon. The reason is that the screenplay, written by Sean Anders & John Morris, is still under development by the writers. 

The next project on their lists is Anders’ “Daddy’s Home” comedy alongside Will Ferrell, set for release this November. However, at least they have their title reserved on IMDB should it get produced sooner rather than later.


This article was about the release of We are the Millers  2 movie. We are Millers  1 debuted in theaters in 2013. It was relatively popular and did well at the box office, later streamed on Apple TV+ with a subscription service. 

It is also available on Amazon Prime Video for select countries. We can expect the announcement for We are the Millers 2 very soon & as soon as it does, we will be back with new updates. 

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