Walker Season 3 Release Date, Plot & Cast – Here Is All We Know So Far

Fans get ready as the Walker is returning with a brand new season. So, if you are curious to get more updates on the Walker season 3, read on. 

As we go through this article, we will examine the confirmed information about Walker season 3 release date, who will star, and what fans already know.

Walker season 3 Release date 

For fans of the CW’s Western crime drama, Walker, season three is definitely in the cards. The series has just received word that it will return for another run! 

The CW announced the renewal in March 2022, along with other renewals and cancellations. While Season 2 of “Walker” ended recently, there are still avid watchers wondering how long they have to wait before the next installment is some while. 

However, a surplus of information regarding Season 3 has already been made available. If those details are anything to go by, fans of “Walker” have a lot to look forward to!

Walker Season 3 Release Date
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Fans will be excited to hear that, according to TVLine’s logline for the series’ third season-opening episode, fans can look forward to the show returning in October for Season 3. 

The good news is that it won’t take long for new episodes of “Walker” to hit screens again. It may not be here yet, but there are currently no signs of delay either. The premiere date, Oct. 6, and a description for each show’s following first episode reveal that viewers may not have to wait long. 

Walker season 3 plot 

In true “Walker” fashion, Season 2 of the series ended with a massive cliffhanger that saw Texas Ranger Cordell Walker get kidnapped by an unknown party, with his family none the wiser. As Cordell investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of his wife, Emily, Season 3 will reveal what exactly happened to him.

Walker season 3 cast

Beyond the names of Padalecki, Reyes, and Pierre mentioned earlier, several other prominent cast members from Season 2 of “Walker ” are also set to return for the third installment. 

Walker Season 3 Release Date
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Cordell’s immediate Walker family will appear, including his parents Abilene and Bonham. Other returning characters include Violet Brinson as Stella and Marshall Keegan Allen as August. The Davidson family will also continue to appear on the show with Jalen Thomas Brooks as Colton and Paula Marshall as Gale. 

In addition to these names, we can confirm that Odette Annable will also return to her role as Geri Broussard.

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With the Walker season 3 release date confirmation, we are more excited than ever to see what happens to these characters and how they interact with one another. 

We hope you can share the excitement with us, and we will continue to update you on everything we know about Walker season 3.


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