Walker Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers Reveal The Ultimate Shock!! 

In the penultimate episode of Walker Season 2, an awkward family dinner and a frightening conflict set the tone for the climax. 

Here’s a rundown of everything that happened. If you want to know about the Walker Season 2 episode 18 spoilers, keep reading the article. 

Walker Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers & Leaks

Walker Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers
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After the two families recently collaborated to save their children from a dreadful calamity, the Walker and Davidson families’ battle lines remain firmly drawn as Walker Season 2 draws close. 

Captain Larry had many issues to overcome. The two cops made it out alive, and Miles was able to accompany them back to Austin, where he and Cassie had their surprise reunion.

Miles says he pretended to die to pursue a covert inquiry that even Captain James can’t uncover in the Rangers’ archives. The use of Cassie’s gun during the cover-up makes her scrutinized when searching for Miles. 

Despite their suspicions, Walker and James agree to keep Miles safe in the meantime after narrowly escaping a battle with thugs working for the evil Captain Fenton Coles.

The Walker and Davidson families agree to share supper at Colton and Stella’s request, hoping to mend ties for their children’s sake. Following Dan Miller’s assertion that Denise Davidson sabotaged Walker’s saddle in the competition for the Walker family property, Liam and Walker secretly intend to use the meal to compel a confession from the Davidsons, despite their father Bonham’s warnings. 

The dinner starts innocently enough, but tensions between Bonham and Gale Davidson flare-up, prompting Bonham to storm out. The argument quickly resurfaces despite Walker and Geri Broussard’s efforts to persuade him to return.

Why did Miles fake his death?

Walker Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers
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So, fans let’s hail back to some Walker season 2 episode 19 spoilers. When Miles reconnects with his wife Rita, James apprehends Cole, but the rogue Ranger Captain refuses to reveal anything about his whereabouts. 

Cole confesses that he was ordered to murder Miles by evil figures but instead faked his death and took him into hiding. Following his confession, Cole takes a secret dose of poison to kill himself while alone, alerting James that Miles is about to be attacked. He sets out to move him while calling for Walker’s assistance.

Walker Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers
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Miles explains to Cassie and Trey Barnett that he and Cole were investigating a gang of human traffickers when they got ambushed.  James arrives at Cassie’s flat just in time to assist them in defending themselves against a gang of traffickers’ guns, almost escaping with their lives. Before the two former partners part ways, Miles goes into witness protection and convinces Cassie that she has been doing the right thing all along.

Geri contacts Walker discreetly with her doubts about her mother, unnerved by how Gale conducted herself during the disastrous dinner party. 

Walker arranges for Geri to meet with the ranch worker paid off by the late Mary Davidson to keep her parentage hidden, with Geri deducing that Gale was well aware of her existence all along. As Geri ponders why she got drawn into this family feud in the first place, the Davidson matriarch is now under scrutiny. 


Walker Season 2 episode 19 spoilers are out now. Must watch it and share your reviews about what you think about the Miles!! 

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