Virgin River Season 5 Cast Gets A Big Change!

Oh fans, hello and hola….

We couldn’t keep it with us, so we are here to share it with you, our dear fandom!! 

Virgin River Season 5 cast just dropped a big surprise for its fan club, and the fans are shocked with it!!!!

Careful – Spoilers Ahead!!!!

What is Happening??

Virgin River Season 5 Cast
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It has been quite a while since the release of Virgin River Season 4, and now fans have been waiting for quite some time for the drop of Season 5. 

Finally, it is happening!!!

The Last Season

We all were carried back to the era of small-town drama and picturesque views. A lot was happening in the last season, be it the pregnancy of Mel and Jack or Hope’s accident and after days of it. 

The viewers have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the entire season. The new inclusion of the grandson of Doc and the newbie physician who is all set to come to the town has taken all our attention!!

With all the excitement post the end of Season 4, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season and have been super excited to know more about the Virgin River Season 5 cast !!!

The Burning Questions:

Virgin River Season 5 Cast
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Will there be a premiere date? Or a trailer anytime soon???!!! And after a little bit of insider information, this is all we have to share with our fans about Season 5 and the Virgin River Season 5 cast. 

Are we having Virgin River Season 5 ??

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Season 5 was already hinted at during season 4, and its production has been in process for a while now. We are happy to share with you that Martin is back as Jack!! He posted a picture right from the sets of Virgin River Season 5!! 

In an interview with Glamour, Martin, AKA Jack, hinted how Mel’s pregnancy will be the main storyline for season 5. There will also be new beginnings and new characters coming to the show. This also shows that a few old ones will be bidding goodbye now!! 

This confirmed that Season 5 is on its way. If the show is on, so will the star cast!!! 

All you need to know about Virgin River Season 5 Cast:

Virgin River Season 5 Cast
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So here we are sharing with you the fantastic Virgin River Season 5 cast, which we assume shall be there from the events that happened at the end of Season 5:

  • Mel Monroe AKA Alexandra Breckenridge 
  • Jack Sheridan AKA Martin Henderson
  • Hope McCrea, AKA Annette O’Toole
  • Dr. Vernon “Doc” Mullins, AKA Tim Matheson 
  • John Middleton AKA Colin Lawrence 
  • Dan Brady AKA Benjamin Hollingsworth

Also, we are hoping for Lizzie, Joey, Brie, Mike, Dr. Cameron, Denny, Muriel, Connie, Tara Anderson, Jo Ellen, and Christopher to be part of the team. Though we are dicey about Charmaine then, we are still waiting for the updates!!

Are you excited too for knowing more about the Virgin River Season 5 cast!!

Please share your views with us.

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