Virgin River Season 4 Trailer Will Change Everything!! Jack Will Breakup With Mel 

Is the Virgin River Season 4  trailer out? When is the new season coming out? If these questions are looming around your mind, here are the latest updates.

Everybody loves nature. The warm hugs of the sun’s rays and the smooth breezing amaze each and every one. However, enjoying the true essence of Mother Earth is often a dream for many who are stuck in the big cities. 

This compels them to step into the world of entertainment that offers huge library shows with small-town romances. One of those highly praised small-town romances is Netflix’s flagship show, Virgin River. 

Delivering three bombastic seasons, Virgin Rivers has turned out to be a fan-favorite show with a wide array of characters and complicated arcs. While many small-town shows bring a lot of thrills and excitement, which ruins the true essence of the show, Virgin River manages to squeeze out the perfect balance. 

So, with Virgin River Season 3 turning out to be a hit, the fans are craving season 4. So, when is the new season coming out, and is there any Virgin River Season 4 trailer? Here is everything we know so far. 

Virgin River Season 4 Trailer Will Bring A Big Chance

Virgin River Season 4 Trailer
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Virgin River presents the perfect blend of romance, wholesomeness, and mystery rolled in wickedness. This Netflix high-drama show revolves around Mel, a mysterious woman, who once resided in Los Angeles. While she was living in Los Angeles happily, dark clouds surrounded her life and she was compelled to leave the city. 

Dealing and escaping from her past and personal messes, they made her way to the Virgin River. She got a new job, new love, and a new life. While everything was going well, the Virgin River Season 3 cliffhanger left the fans stunned. 

With the third season wrapping on a breath-taking note, the Virgin River Season 4 trailer and even the plot may completely change. So, what should we expect from this new season?

Virgin River Season 4 Trailer

Well, in the season 3 finale, we saw that Mel’s biggest dream has come true as she is going to be a mother now. Yes, Mel is pregnant. 

But, things are not as simple as they seem to be. Mel’s baby might not be from Jack. Of course, Mel did not cheat on Jack since she was completely in love with him. However, the Virgin River Season 4 trailer will tease how Mel used the frozen sperms of her late husband that she preserved for years. 

But when did she use it when Mel was in love with Jack? Well, the answer is simple. Mel lost her hope that Jack wants to form a family with her. So, she decided to use it. Therefore, Virgin River Season 4 may show us the separation of Mel and Jack, despite being in love. 

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Virgin River Season 4 Release Date 

Virgin River Season 4 Trailer

The good news is Virgin River Season 4 has now release date. The new season will be dropping on Netflix on July 20, 2022. So, fans hold your sites tight as a brand new season is crashing your ways this July. 

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  1. if Virgin River is separating Mel and Jack I don’t care if season 4 comes out I will quit watching.

    1. I feel the same way you are feeling because I’m waiting to see Jack and Mel together and raise their baby

      1. I must have missed episodes, I didn’t know they had a baby together. I knew he had a baby with his casual girl friend.

        1. If Jack and Mel breakup I probably won’t be watching it anymore even though I like everybody on there except for Jack ex, I don’t think the twins belong to Jack , and I want to know who shot Jack I think it was Charmaine or her husband to get rid of Jack

          1. I agree, I think it was Charmaine’s fiancee. He is trying to get rid of Jack so he doesn’t have any competition!! I bet it’s him!

        2. They don’t have a baby together the last episode on season 3 she said she was pregnant. Could be his or her husband’s

    2. I to will not watch the show they are the reason the show is worth watching love 💕 should be able to kept them together

    3. If Mel and jack break up there is nothing else to watch. It wool ruin the show if it’s not short lived and they have their baby together.

    4. I don’t think Jack and Mel will break up , I think once the shock wears off they will be ok . He is the one that he said he couldn’t have a family with her and kinda blew off the trip she planned for them ,they love each other and love conquers all !

      1. I don’t think so either, he, Jack promised that whatever came up, he would work it out. He broke it off because of his twins, so she felt like she was on her own. So she used her husband’s sperm, BUT, I don’t think the baby belongs to her husband. Jack and Mel have been very romantic and I think her baby belongs to Jack. We shall see!

  2. If what you just said was true about Mel & Jack I don’t think I am going to love it will see bye for now!

  3. Love the show and can hardly wait until July 2022 for season 4 to start. I want Mel and Jack ti stay together.

  4. To think that Mel and Jack will break up is devastating cause they have a lot of love for each other and they belong together.Please dont separate the two.Makes me not even want to watch it now thinking they will break up.They need to be happy and let the rest go through their drama but not them two

  5. Jack and Mel breaking up, no way!! Mel has to be carrying Jack’baby. I don’t think I will watch it they break up. Too sad!! There’s enough in Virgin River that’s sad. No, no, no, you can’t do that to us!!

  6. I believe that is Jack’s baby but it won’t be revealed until later on. I hope Mel and Jack can work out their differences soon. I feel for Jack because he won’t have any say in the twins live. I believe Todd’s name on birth records

  7. I kept thinking that Jack’s old girlfriend was going to miscarry the twins and be out of his life and then Mel would get pregnant with Jack’s baby. Jack and Mel are perfect for each other.

  8. What’s with Mel? I would expect her to be smarter. She doesn’t think. Why would she get pregnant when she’s thinking about leaving, considering the complications she has carrying a child. She doesn’t use any logic. She should break up with Jack for a season anyway. He expects her to be content with his kids and not accept hers, really! Jack seems to care more about Charmaine feelings than Mel.

  9. I hope they are not vreaking these two up. If so I don’t even want to watch any more. I have been waiting for them to get married.

  10. There’s always two sides to every story if someone really knew how wrong he did her they would not even look at him the same ever

  11. My favorite series is Virgin River. I also reading the books Virgin River, written by Robyn Carr. Love the books & Series of Virgin River!

  12. Mel got impregnated with he’s husband who died supermarket when she took a break from Jack. She’s not sure who’s baby it is. Let’s just hope it’s Jack.

  13. Mel was impregnated with her husband sperm when she went outta town her break from Jack. She’s not sure who’s baby it is. Her dead husband or Jack’s. I think it’s Jack. Does anyone not line preacher story line?

    1. If Mel got pregnant that quickly from her husband stored sperm, why then was there an issue with her getting pregnant from the beginning? She and Mark could have done this before he died and Mark has been dead for a year so now it is easy to get pregnant. Don’t think so! This is Jack’s baby

  14. Let Mel and Jack stay together. I love the show, but Mel and Jack what started me to love it. Don’t let bysy body die. She keep the show going too.

  15. I will also stop watching if Mel & Jack break up. If he truly loves her, he wont care who the sperm belongs to.

  16. So now a reason for paternity testing! And Sharmine’s baby’s will need transfusions at birth and sharmines to week at birth to give blood. Jack steps up and give blood but it doesn’t match.Baby cloie has her first issue and her sisters blood doesn’t match But Jack has the factor that matches. Now who is the real babies daddy. Great show so many twists and turms. Mel never did show she was getting Marks sperm but did go to the fertility doctor asking if it was possible!

  17. taking to long to put season 4 on. pleas let the baby be Jack’s. for once let a story line have some hand ending instead of being like daytime soap operas

    1. Maybe it’s going g to be Mel’s late husband baby, and because of the love and care Jack and Mel have for each other they stay together get married and l ater have a child of their own.

  18. If Jack and Mel are apart for good ! Show would not be the same , I would have to find another series to watch Gaines to Short to watch some thing that you don’t like and I love the shell but now and Jack of the ones that really make the show so the guy to kind of stay together break up go back together something will see what happens we’re all saying the same thing Jack And now

  19. Please do not let Jack and Mel break up. I would have to quit watching and I have watched it so much I can guote the words. Let something happened to Charmane and take her off the show.

  20. I been watching this every sense they came out If Jack and Mel breakup. I will stop watching it! Just like I stopped watching Heartland Because they Killed Ty off! I love all Virgin River!

  21. It sounds like the writers decided that Mel & Jack WILL break up. I agree with most viewers. Mel & Jack are the main reason people love watching, but I’d stop watching too if the baby isn’t Jack’s or they break up! That will ruin this show that people loved!

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