The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Shows: 5 Spin-Offs Fans Want, According To Reddit

The Vampire Diaries franchise, founded by Julie Plec, has wrapped its 13-year run. The Originals and Legacies were Vampire Diaries spinoff shows. It shocked fans when CW revealed in May 2022 that Legacy had been canceled after four seasons. 

In a tweet, Julie Plec said that while the franchise would return in the future, it would do so in a different way for the time being. Fans of The Vampire Diaries franchise are still struggling to let go of the series since it had such a deep impact on their lives. 

The hash tag #savelegacies have been added to tweets about the series as fans express their appreciation for it and express their want for additional Legacies seasons. 

However, with the cancellation of Legacies, the fans are craving these Vampire Diaries Spinoff shows!! 

5 Vampire Diaries Spinoff Shows The Fans Need Now!! 

Deep Dive Into Katherine’s Life

The show’s primary antagonist was Katherine. However, she is unquestionably unique because of the many stories from her life that are featured in the series. 

The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Shows
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One of the Redditors wrote that “I would like to see Katherine’s life spin-off along with the Salvatore brothers, the time when they turned vampires together before finding Elena.”

What About The Hunters? 

The show’s former main character, Jeremy, was Elena’s brother. He belonged to the Brotherhood of Five, a gang of hunters who are after vampires.

The Redditor added that “The Brotherhood of Five should be the main emphasis of the spin-off, in my opinion. It would be the scene in which Kol was killed, and the cure was revealed through Jeremy’s tattoo. The three other hunters who had no supernatural knowledge also noticed the tattoo.”

Sneak Peek To Caroline and Bonnie

Bonnie Bennett was a selfless character. She was supportive and willing to give up anything for her friends and family. Yet she endured a great deal of pain in Mystic Falls. She succeeded in resurrecting Jeremy, but she lost her life in the process. 

The Redditor wrote that “Come to think about Caroline and Boonie, they both lost their loved ones. And the show should take them out of Mystic Falls, maybe in a city where they can start the new chapter exploring new interests and facing supernatural challenges.”

Let’s Take A Look At Damon and Elena

Even after all the hurdles, the pair continued to enjoy their lives and had a happy ending. But for a longer time, their normal daily lives were not displayed. 

The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Shows
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The user said that “Elena should be struggling with her student life and hoped Demon would die instead of Stefan in the spin-off.” While another user said that “I want to see more of the couple and how they are doing in the future.”

Dive Into Lexi’s Adventures

The person who valued human life the most was Lexi. Although being a vampire, she was convinced not to hurt humans. She had known Demon for years and was also Stephen’s best friend. 

Unfortunately, Lexi died because of the Demon. The Redditor wanted some Vampire Diaries spin-off shows about Lexi’s backstory “I would love to see Lexi’s backstory as a spin-off because she was an intriguing character.”

So, which among these Vampire Diaries spinoff shows are you waiting for? Tell us in the comment box. 

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6 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Shows: 5 Spin-Offs Fans Want, According To Reddit”

  1. I would LOVE to see ALL of these shows. VAMPIRE DIARIES, along with Star Trek, are my favorite TV Franchises, and with the disappearance of VAMPIRE DIARIES related shows, I have quit watching ALL scripted episodic TV shows !!! ANYTHING related to the VAMPIRE DIARIES storylines would DEFINITELY bring me back. I haven’t watched ANYTHING on the CW since LEGACIES was cancelled !!!!!!!

  2. You are so right Betty!! My daughter and I have been catching up on the vampire diaries and The Originals on Netflix We never got to see all of them due to well life situations.. Today we will be finally caught up on both I hope Then Legacies I think we watched a few episodes and didn’t watch all of it…

  3. Even though I am older than the average fan (63),I was, am still a fan of TVD. THIS series was well written, kept you intrigued, and had a touch of southern charm which I adore. I wish this show would breath life into Mystic Falls, and into our lives once again, for without TVD 💔 our lives and the CW has never been the same. The young at heart never die.


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