Legacies Eps Dropped A Big Update On The Upcoming Vampire Diaries Spinoff Series!! 

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Something about The Vampire Diaries Universe!!

 Vampire Diaries Spinoff Series
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The Vampire Diaries Universe is an American media franchise, and a shared universe cast on various interconnected television series on the CW. 

The famous series was developed by none other than Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, and based on characters who have appeared in the original novel series, The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith, which followed a high school student falling in deep love with an immortal vampire. 

Even you, like us, first thought The Vampire Diaries to be similar to The Twilight Saga?

But as the viewers loved this show, it’s one of the biggest successes in recent television history. The TVDU is still brimming with potential. What possible spin-offs would the fans love to see?

Everyone has been talking about The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Series

 Vampire Diaries Spinoff Series
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Is it true? Or it isn’t? Will the vampire diaries universe continue beyond Legacies or not? That’s hundred percent true for the vampire diaries franchise, which winded up its 13-year-old run on the CW last night with the series finale of Legacies; it’s the second spinoff after The Originals.

We heard it when the great philosopher Katy Perry once said, just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s over!! 

 Vampire Diaries Spinoff Series
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Yes, people, the co-creators Julie Plec and showrunner Brett Matthews, both executive producers, had something to say about the abrupt ending and the Vampire Diaries spinoff series… 

Julie Plec in a recent interview “it’s coming eventually. That’s my hint. There’s nothing on the page yet, but we’ve been having many really good, fun conversations about how to launch the franchise into the next phase. I think it would be a part of the universal timeline of the franchise but set in a different setting and with other characters!”.

Matthews said he’s excited to do it again, probably momentarily. Aaah, now this is some hot update. 

A fourth series in the #TVDU? Well, our hopes are just getting higher as these statements prove that they can use this chapter to launch the beginning of another chapter? It looks like there’s absolute hope for the future, huh? 

Ending up

Aren’t you excited to watch another supernatural series set in this universe? 

Don’t forget to comment with your hopes for the franchise’s future below. Do you think the Vampire Diaries spinoffs series rumor is correct or not? Follow us now for some hottest updates, and we bet we will not disappoint our lovely readers!

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