Cobra Kai Creator Drops Shocking Leaks On Ferris Bueller Spinoff Movie!! 

What? Like, is it for real? We still can’t believe this.

Ah, will it be better than the sequel? Or it won’t be up to the mark? We are sure; even you would be having a hell of a lot of questions because even we are going through the same thing; after all, this news is about the Ferris Bueller Spinoff: How can one even think of missing it?

Weren’t you zapped when Netflix’s Cobra Kai Creators revealed this news? 

Ferris Bueller Spinoff
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The co-creator Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz shared all the much-needed details for their upcoming Ferris Bueller Spinoff! 

Chillax, we are talking about the “Ferris Bueller Day off” spinoff film. 

Released in 1986, FB Day off starred Ferris: A schooler with an exciting day with his GF and best friend. Later, they used his friend’s dad’s car Ferrari for transportation; the rest is known to all; we loved that movie, too! 

But what’s Ferris Bueller Spinoff going to be about?

It will center on the adventures of that pair on Ferris’s day off; FYI, the co-creators have named the valet’s Sam and Victor, though! But will it be compared to their approach with Cobra Kai? But they’ve proved they can have a fresh concept and storyline. 

It looks like Ferris Bueller Spinoff will explore another side of Chicago in the ’80s

Ferris Bueller Spinoff
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That’s another best way to be on the legacy of the original First part of the film. But, in that movie, the valets weren’t given official names. 

Richard and Larry played them. We are already sure that Jon, Hayden, and Josh are producing this sequel, and it looks like we can expect a lot from this sequel. Sam and Victor’s Day off, and it’s going to be one Masterpiece! 

The co-creators shared details about why this movie needed a spinoff after 30 years?

Do you think the Ferris Bueller Spinoff will be about what may have led them to need that car? Or maybe wanting it? Or why take it, too? 

Also, Hurtiz shared they don’t want to spoil anything that’s already going to happen. As everyone has seen the world with Ferris’s eyes, now in the upcoming Ferris Bueller Spinoff, perhaps we might get a chance to see the world through the eyes of other characters, now! 

It looks like the Ferris Bueller Spinoff is going to be thrilling and exciting for sure

Ferris Bueller Spinoff
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Fingers crossed, we wish to see Broderick, Mia Sara, and Alan Ruck might show up for a cameo! Stay tuned, and we’ll bring more details as we come to know. 

Don’t forget to follow us and comment below on what you think will happen in the sequel, and we’ll be back soon with a bang! We love you guys! 

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