Undone Spoilers: What Was Jacob’s Dark Secret?

Alma Winograd-first Diaz’s season of Prime Video’s animated series Undone was a psychological and hallucinogenic journey. 

Alma began the series by getting into a vehicle accident while apparently imagining her dead father Jacob, which made her question her sanity. 

Alma found her memory hazy after waking up from a coma caused by the accident, and she began to worry if her grandmother’s schizophrenia was impacting her.

Jacob’s appearance wasn’t a one-time occurrence; he appeared to Alma many times over the season’s eight episodes. These trips, though, had a larger purpose. Alma discovered a secret that her father, Jacob had been holding towards the conclusion of the first season. What was Jacob’s secret, and how did it affect Season 2’s existential head trip?

Undone – What Was Jacob’s Deepest Secret?

When Alma was released from the hospital in Undone, her thoughts began to wander. Jacob’s soul appeared to his daughter to help her investigate the mystery surrounding his death in a vehicle accident – which may have been a murder. 

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Alma’s ability to transfer her essence over space and time, which Jacob studied as a quantum physicist, was the key to unlocking everything. 

Jacob felt he’d uncovered the truth regarding time travel using indigenous people’s MRIs and his own family history. Regrettably, he accused Charles — one of his dubious American Freedom Corporation funders — of murdering him in order to take his findings for nefarious motives. 

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Alma, on the other hand, began to think if the collision was caused by Farnaz’s ex-boyfriend. Farnaz was Jacob’s teaching assistant, but Alma suspected they were having an affair through her time travels. 

She wondered if it was because of this that Farnaz’s enraged lover drove them off the road, plunging Jacob and Farnaz into a ravine. Undone delivered a nightmare gut-punch on Moon Knight levels when Alma witnessed the night Jacob died on Halloween.

What Happened On The Death Night Of Jacob In Undone? 

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Jacob had left Alma trick-or-treating on the street and ran to his lab, where her mother Camila (voiced by Constance Marie) was destroying the premises. Camila found out how Jacob was experimenting on little Alma’s psyche, so Farnaz phoned him, terrified. 

She wants him to leave their life. Farnaz intended to publicize their study since she didn’t realize Camila had refused to give authorization for the experiments, implying that the academics were breaching the law. 

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Jacob eventually soothed Farnaz, but on the way home, recognizing his personal and professional worlds were collapsing around him, he veered and drove off the cliff, killing both of them.  

As Undone pushes the story we see that Jacob was disturbed when Alma revealed the truth to him in the astral world. He had no idea he could be that nasty and self-centered. Alma persuaded him to accompany her back in time, merge with his earlier self, and learn to do the right thing. The alteration would ideally be permanent if a stellar alignment occurred at a Mexican pyramid. 

In Undone Season 2, Alma thought that this would offer the family a second opportunity at happiness.

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The dynamics of the show shifted when her sister Becca discovered her own time-traveling abilities and the capacity to hop into her ancestors’ memories from the past. The acts of Alma and Becca may have repercussions that affect Jacob’s attempt at recalibrating. 


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