Ultra Ego Goku – Can Goku Use Ultra Ego? 

With Vegeta unleashing the most deadly form of his life, Ultra Ego, the fans are curious to see Ultra Ego Goku. So, will the strongest Saiyan, Goku, get his hands on the transformation of the Gods of Destruction? Here is all we know so far. 

Ultra Ego Goku
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Ultra Ego has officially made its appearance in Dragon Ball Super manga and guess what? Vegeta is the one who has achieved the powers of the destruction gods with his transformation. 

Previously we have seen Goku aka Kakarot unlocking his super calm and insanely powerful transformation, Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego is the exact opposite to it. 

However, the fans are pretty excited to see Ultra Ego Goku. So, can Goku use the new Ultra Ego form? 

Ultra Ego Goku
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Will We See Ultra Ego Goku? 

Recently, in Dragon Ball Super anime, we saw Goku unlocking his incredibly powerful form, Mastered Ultra Instinct. So, to balance the game of power between the two most popular characters, Goku and Vegeta, the creators introduced Vegeta’s new form, Ultra Ego. 

While Ultra Ego is loaded with insane abilities, it looks insane. So, the fans are wondering whether we will see Ultra Ego Goku or not? 

Well, the answer seems to be disappointing as Goku may fail to unlock the Ultra Ego form. 

Ultra Ego Goku
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Vegeta learned the concept of Ultra Ego from Lord Beerus, the Destruction God of Universe 7. Moreover, Ultra Ego form squeezes out power from pain and destruction, and coming from the Destruction God, it’s pretty obvious. 

So, Ultra Ego is the perfect fit for a character like Vegeta, who was initially introduced as a villain. Vegeta carries a feeling of jealousy and hatred towards Goku and he drives energy from his rage. While Goku, on the other hand, is a mix of funny and calm characters. 

Moreover, we all know, Vegeta’s character resembles the personality of Lord Beerus, while Goku’s character resembles Whis’ personality. 

So, what do you think will we see Ultra Ego Goku? Share your views in the comment section. 


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