Fans Are Devastated After This Happened To Truely Brown In Sister Wives!!

Fans are simply devastated after this happened to Truely Brown of Sister Wives. Here is all we know. 

Truely Brown is a well-known and distinctive figure on TLC’s Sister Wives, an American reality television series that premiered on September 26, 2010. 

The program follows Kody Brown, his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn), and their 18 kids as they go from being polygamists to monogamists in later seasons. 

In 2011, the family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, and in mid-2018 to Baderville, Arizona (northwest of Flagstaff), after beginning the series in Lehi, Utah.

So, what actually happened to Truely on Sister Wives? Here is all we known 

What happened to Truely Brown on Sister Wives?

Truely Brown

Truely Brown was just three years old when she developed a life-threatening kidney failure and dehydration. 

Initially, she didn’t even respond to the treatment but was discharged 11 days after showing signs of improvement. When the wives were on a trip to San Francisco & Kody was left in charge; again, she fell ill & came down with the flu, and her condition had significantly worsened when the wives got back to Las Vegas with the children. 

At this time, Christine decided to take her to see a doctor. Even the doctor diagnosed Truely with kidney dysfunctionality, and after that, Kody revealed to the doctor that this was caused by not drinking enough water while she had the flu.

Catching up with Truely Brown on Instagram!! 

Truely Brown In Sister Wives
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Now 12 years old, Truely has recovered from her illness and has had no further issues with her Kidneys. Her sister Ysabel runs her Instagram account.

Her Twitter account has 33.2k followers and 24 tweets. She only posted once in 2021, in April, and she doesn’t post very often. “Quarantine attire!” she wrote, posting a picture of Mykelti and Tony’s baby Ava. 

To have fun and social distance, I must leave the house! “YAY!” is a common response.

Why has Kody been blamed for Truely Brown’s health on Sister Wives?

Truely Brown In Sister Wives
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Kody revealed his new strict COVID-19 rules. Some of these include: wearing a mask, sanitizing purchased products and mail with alcohol wipes, and no eatery at sit-down restaurants. 

However, Kody explained that they had been put in place as a sacrifice to keep the family’s atmosphere healthy. 

As for Truely Brown, she has grown up not knowing her dad. Kody always appeared to fans to have his favorite children. 

Plus, it always seemed like and still does that Robyn was his priority. Truely was Kody’s thirteenth child overall and sixth child with Christine.

But later, He realized and said: “I don’t want to have any of my children die” and “hate the people who weren’t making the rules, and then end up in a divorce with whoever’s child died.” 

Kody also mentioned that “I think Christine hates me partly because Brown almost died, and she thought I had been negligent.”


What really happened to Truely on Sister Wives is still a mystery. There have been some significant changes as the show goes on, and we couldn’t help but wonder what happened. 

What do you think? Did you enjoy watching the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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