Angelica or Olivia – Who Is The Perfect Pick For Trapped In A Dating Sim Leon? 

Hey, all the Trapped in a Dating Sim fans, we know you are wondering about who will be the best pick for Trapped in a Dating Sim Leon – Angelica or Olivia? So, Sassyshows is here with the answer. 

This time we are up to discussing the new isekai anime series – Trapped in a Dating Sim, following the league chart of the video games-based series such as My Life as a Villainess. 

We have witnessed how these game-based isekai anime series change everything by pushing the hero into a game world where he is nothing more than a side character or maybe a cruel villain as well. 

This situation of the hero forces him or her to view the gaming world with a whole new perception.

Warning for viewers as anything further from here will serve as a spoiler for Trapped in a Dating Sim season 1!!!

Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 1 Sneak Peek

In the series Trapped in a Dating Sim, we witness Leon who is an office worker, is reincarnated into a dating sim video game, which is rather a punishing one!!

This video game has a platform where only women reign and are supreme here!! The seats on the tables are available only to the beautiful men. Serving as a twist to this plot, Trapped in a Dating Sim Leon, has a secret weapon, and it is that he is aware of everything from his past life and remembers every detail of it.  The protagonist of the game – Trapped in a Dating Sim Leon is thrown in a female-dominated world and how he must navigate this and know-how only personal influence and relationships mean everything.

 Trapped In A Dating Sim Leon
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As Trapped in the Dating Sim Leon, has taken a rebirth here as the third son of a minor rural Baron, which definitely means a nobody, and how he has to fight the battle of this matriarchal world and find a way to marry up. 

Why Angelica Redgrave??

It is nothing but a platform where only the powerful ones get a chance to move ahead. Strong connections, political marriages, and the influences of their wives is something that one has to strive on to keep on moving ahead. 

Being the third son of Baron, only weakens his position. In spite of his attitude, Trapped in a dating Sim Leon is still striving to have a powerful wife!! And we say that he should definitely take this up with Angelica REdgrave, in spite of his chances being negligible, the chances are not zero and there might be a catch for him!!

 Trapped In A Dating Sim Leon
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As per the Season Finale of Trapped in a Dating Sim Leon has two options in his love life, Olivia and Angelica. We all know how Olivia seems to be the perfect pick at the first glance as he truly loves Leon. 

But as her destiny is to reach Sainthood, Olivia is definitely a weak choice as a bride to Leon, who is looking for a powerful partner in all ways!!

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Let Us See

We are definitely waiting to know who would be the bride of our underdog protagonist of Trapped in a Dating Sim Leon!! Leon, who wants his future to be one with a powerful bride, will have to make a choice.. And we shall wait to see who she is!

 Season 1 of Trapped in a Dating Sim, now is streaming on Crunchyroll. Do watch it and let us know your views! Follow us for more such updates!!

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