Creators Dropped Exciting Updates On Top Gunn 3!! Here Is All We Know!! 

Knock Knock! Maverick fans, are you listening? Top Gunn 3 may be the next big project of Tom Cruise. So, here is all we know so far. 

Okay, so we are not lying. Honestly, we get nothing lying to our beautiful audience—Whom we love updating about spoilers and latest updates. We have been thinking all the time since Brian Robbins, President and CEO of Paramount Pictures, gave us a hint of the Top Gunn 3 movie happening! So, Sassyshows is here with the latest news on Top Gunn 3. 

As everyone knows, the massive success of the year has been the Magnitude of Top Gun: Maverick’s success, just because it was released after so long ( Yes, the wait was worth it, after the original film!). 

Who would have thought Maverick would touch the sky, exceeding his lovely audience expectation at the box office?

Top Gunn 3
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OMG, like who could have imagined it took 36 years now since Tony Scott’s Top Gun 2 to get filmed, and the fan following has been just increasing after that. 

Recently, the movie bagged a gross total of $308 million domestically and $569 million globally, thus making it a star and lady crush who loved Tom Cruise’s best movie in the US. 

With all the critical success and thumbs up, the movie’s emotional scenes to action scenes are absolutely outstanding!

Now, don’t you think it’s hard to imagine Top Gunn 3 not being a greenlit thumbs up?

Top Gunn 3
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People, don’t you think if Top Gunn 3 is coming, then how many decades is it’s gonna take for it to be filmed? All we are doing is just speculating, guessing, and you too, like us?

This statement from Mr. Robbins is definitely exciting!

He stated that let’s see where they’ll be 35 years from now, it’s too early to speculate. This is an incredible run and the sky’s the limit for this movie. (Aah, isn’t this a clear hint for Top Gunn 3?)

Was Top Gun 2 intentionally filmed this way for setting up a Top Gunn 3?

Like its predecessor, Top Gun: Maverick doesn’t set up any ahead movie plans, but this doesn’t mean it’s not happening, though! 

Remember how Mitchell returned to Top Gun to help that train with a group of pilots in order to help them accomplish an immensely difficult mission—Remember how that uranium plant was boomed?

Anyhow, the pilots just manage to successfully fly the mission (Oh yes and no one dies, too.) The love Dovey scene of Pete and Penne, in the end, was just oh-so-amazing. 

Well, there’s no clear-cut answer as to how Top Gunn 3 would be filmed or continued, but it looks like what retirement could mean for Maverick and how he might have to face challenging problems with civilian life!

Top Gunn 3
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We just can’t wait for Top Gunn 3, NOW!

Haha, at-least stay assured as Top Gunn 3 won’t take 36 years, because till that Tom Cruise would be 89 years old! Sit back and relax, we don’t know when the Top Gunn 3 news might shoot up!

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