Top 5 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters In The Tournament Of Power Saga

Dragon Ball Super introduced some of the most prominent fighters in the Universe. However, with a bunch of characters diving into the plot, the fans are often curious to know – who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters? So, let’s see who ranks among the most powerful fighters in Dragon Ball Super. 

 Dragon Ball Super Characters
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If you think Goku is the strongest Dragon Ball Super character, you may be wrong. Dragon Ball Super brought some of the super-insane characters to the franchise. While the fans were praising the old series like Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super dropped like a bomb. It came as a sudden surprise with the most promising characters and arcs. 

While the introduction chapters broke the Internet, the Tournament of Power saga added the cherry on the cake. With 12 universes competing with the best fighters, the Tournament of Power created a buzz in the anime world. 

The Tournament of Power Saga gifted the fans with the strongest characters in the franchise. However, with so many powerful entities stepping into the scene, the fans are often confused about who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters? 

5 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters

5) Kale 

 Dragon Ball Super Characters

The first female Saiyan who shocked both the Dragon Ball fans and the characters with her incredible power is Kale. She is a Universe 6 Saiyan who stunned everyone by diving into the Berserker Super Saiyan form. 

Kale is a shy little girl from Universe 6 who exploded into the Legendary Super Saiyan form resembling Broly. Though she may have dormant potential, she has no control over her powers, which makes her rest at number 5 on our list. 

4) Vegeta 

 Dragon Ball Super Characters

No doubt the Prince of Saiyans will find a place on our list. He is someone who has always competed with Goku. He has devoted his life to training and has rapidly climbed the ladder of power. 

In the Tournament of Power saga, we witnessed how Vegeta pushed his limits to introduce an improvised version of Super Saiyan Blue form. Even Jiren, the giant from Universe 11 lauded his stubbornness. 

3) Kefla 

 Dragon Ball Super Characters

Kefla is the fusion form of the two most powerful female Saiyans from universe 6, Caulifa and Kale. These two Dragon Ball Super characters chose the Potara technique to jump into a fight against Goku. 

While the two separately struggled against Goku, their fusion form was simply unstoppable. Kefla even overpowered Super Saiyan Blue Goku. However, Goku ultimately defeated Kefla tuning into his Ultra Instinct form. 

2) Goku

 Dragon Ball Super Characters

No chapter of Dragon Ball can be completed without mentioning the name of Son Goku. He is the main protagonist and one of the most powerful Dragon Ball Super characters. In the Tournament of Power, Goku unleashed his new form, Ultra Instinct, which broke the Internet. 

During his fight with the mighty Jiren, he was overpowered within a blink. However, the faith of his friends and family pushed Goku to work on the roads of Gods. He unlocked a form of the Angels, Ultra Instinct, and finally overpowered Jiren with some assistance from Frieza. 

1) Jiren 

 Dragon Ball Super Characters

Hands down! We cannot deny that Jiren is the mightiest fighter in the Tournament of Power. When it comes to the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters, Jiren’s name must come at the top. Jiren is the strongest fighter of Universe 11, who even defeated the God of Destruction. 

Initially, Jiren overpowered Goku without even breaking a drop of sweat. However, when Goku unlocked his Ultra Instinct form he saw a clash of titans. 

So, what do you think will we see a re-match between the most powerful Dragon Ball Super characters in the future? Tell us in the comment box. 

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