Top 5 Ozark Characters That Deserve Their Own Spinoff Series

Will Netflix bring some really awesome spinoffs on the fan-favorite Ozark characters? Well, here are all the most-demanded Ozark spinoffs from the fans. 

Ozark’s collection finale ended abruptly, leaving many possibilities for some crazy spinoffs open. The last episodes of the popular Netflix drama series premiered on April 29th, capping off a two-part final season packed with narrative twists, surprise deaths, and unanswered mysteries.

While Laura Linney and Jason Batemen have justifiably received much attention for their starring roles, they may overlook the remarkable cast of supporting characters. Wendy and Marty Byrde’s narrative may be done. Still, the following supporting characters also have stories to tell that are worth reading.

So, here are the major Ozark characters who deserve an official spinoff series – 

Ozark Characters Who Deserve An Ozark Spinoff Series!!

Garrison, Rachel

Ozark Character

Rachel Garrison, the manager of the Blue Cat Lodge, was Marty’s first business partner in the Ozark. Rachel’s life is in a downhill spiral over the first two seasons. 

An FBI agent urges her to become an informant against Marty while developing an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. When a sober Rachel reappears in the fourth season, she joins Ruth in her fight against the Byrde family. Rachel kills someone to protect Ruth and is visibly affected by the experience. 

So, with her comeback Rachel has turned out to be a fan-favorite Ozark character, the fans are curious about. So, a brief spinoff series may explore her disappearance.

Navarro, Omar

Ozark Character

Though the cartel’s leader was killed off in the series finale, Omar Navarro was one of Ozark’s most memorable villains, leaving an indelible mark even when he wasn’t there. His connection with Wendy, Marty, and his family was always full of excitement and unexpected twists. 

The story of how Omar Navarro got here to run the cartel stays a thriller. Because the collection continued, extra characters from Navarro’s household had been launched that supplied a window into what might be a captivating backstory.  

Miller, Maya

Ozark Character

Agent Maya Miller makes her initial appearance in Ozark’s third season, and Marty intends to display her so that she would develop to be an asset to him and the Navarro cartel. 

This scheme fails in Season 4, and Maya gets Navarro arrested, going against the FBI’s objective and eventually being demoted due to her actions. Like that of many other characters on Ozark, Maya’s morality is constantly questioned by the Byrdes and their affiliation with the cartel. Maya also has difficulty juggling motherhood and her desire to bring Navarro down. So, considering the popularity of this Ozark character, it will be a treat to explore deeper into her life. 

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Pierce, Helen

Ozark Character

Helen’s shocking death at the end of Season 3 sparked a flurry of online debates. To keep the Byrdes in check, the evil lawyer who represents Omar Navarro was sent to the Ozarks from Chicago. 

Nonetheless, Helen’s brutal death marked the beginning of a deeper friendship between Navarro and the Byrdes. Janet McTeer gave her role a cold harshness. Helen alternated between being a perpetrator of violence against others and being a victim of violence herself, a compelling contrast that may lead to a fantastic second collection.

Elizondo, Camila

Ozark Character

Camila Navarro, the sister of antagonist Omar Navarro, became the series’ first adversary in the series’ final episodes. She battled to take control of the cartel and get revenge for her son’s murder. There’s a fantastic way to continue Camila’s tale now that her brother is dead, and she’ll likely step into energy. 

There have been a lot of exhibitions recently about drug trafficking, and it may be a great subversion of the style to put a girl in the center of it. Furthermore, because Camila’s character debuted in the second part of the previous season, there’s still a lot the audience doesn’t know about her. As a result, there’s a lot of space to make interesting choices.

Ozark Character

Apart from these, one Ozark character who has hypnotized the fans is Ruth. However, Netflix has announced that it is not planning any Ruth-centric Ozark spinoff as of now. 

So, fans, are you excited to explore the lives of your favorite Ozark characters? Tell us in the comment section. 

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