Top 5 Oscar-Winning James Stewart Movies You Must Watch Now

Are you a James Stewart fan craving to get hands-on the top movies to watch this weekend? Here is the list of the top 5 James Stewart movies you can’t miss out on. 

James Stewart (Jimmy for the Fans) was the biggest Hollywood sensation in the 90s. Stewart was the actor who could bring liveliness to all the characters and convert it into a likable figure. He has shown his remarkable acting skills in both comedy and dramatic movies. 

James Stewart movies are famous across the westerns and all over the world. From “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” to “How the West Was Won,” he has gained a huge fan following, showing his versatility during his acting career. 

Stewart has tied with director John Wayne for delivering more than 12 movies with perfect scores. 

During his journey in Hollywood, he has performed Oscar-winning roles in more than 80 movies. 

If you are a diehard fan of James Stewart movies and want to take a glimpse of his best movies, let’s shed some light on his best movies. 

5 Best James Stewart Movies You Can’t Miss Out On 

  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

James Stewart Movies

Jimmy Stewart played the character of the cowboy in the movie. Stewart pulled off his sincere heart and confidence in this movie. His performance was outstanding, and Stewart’s character was inspiring. It shows even democracy, sacrifice, and true love. 

In this movie, John Wayne and Jimmy are battling out for the same girl. Stewart played the lawyer’s character from the city that was aghast at the Wild West and uncivilized. At the same time, Wayne plays the role of a hardened cowboy. 

  • It’s A Wonderful Life 

James Stewart Movies

It’s a Wonderful life is one of the best James Stewart movies of all time.

James Stewart plays the most iconic and widely popular role in the movie. He exemplifies George Bailey’s generous heart throughout his character. 

He was just as phenomenal as the giving bankers, just like a desperate father. It’s been 70 years since the movie was released, but the character is still alive in the hearts of Americans. 

It’s a Wonderful Life was amongst the favorite classic Christmas James Stewart movies showing reality instead of a fairytale. That’s why everyone easily relates to the movie. 

  • Rear Window 

James Stewart Movies

Although Alfred Hitchcock delivers outstanding nail-biting performance to make her audience jump out of their seats, Stewart again shows his true heroic side, making his character more lively and likable. From beginning to end, the movie keeps you bound. 

Jimmy finds himself in a dangerous position after witnessing his neighbor’s murder, but he manages to keep him safe in the end. The store is about a man confined to his home due to a broken leg. James Stewart’s movie has been made for entertainment and nailed that role. 

  • The Shop around the Corner

James Stewart Movies

Once again, you see Jimmy in a timeless love story inspired by the “You’ve Got Mail” comedy movie and “She Loves Me” Broadway musical spin-off. 

James Stewart’s movie continues to melt the heart of the audience. The story is of two store employees who don’t like each other but start loving each other. The marvelous comedy timing and Stewart’s soft side have made this a classic cult movie in which the enemy becomes lovers. 

  • Vertigo 

James Stewart Movies

The entire movie centered around the portrayal of Stewart as a nuisance police officer. Scottie, who suffers from the fear of height (acrophobia), was hired to follow his wife’s old friends. 

As he starts following the woman, he gets to know that she is in danger. Later, he falls in love with the lady and continues to protect her and invest in her safety. On the other hand, Stewart plays an excellent role as a police officer. 

So, these were our top picks for the best 5 James Stewart movies to watch this weekend. Tell us which is your pick in the comment section.

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