Top 5 Non-Canon Goku Transformations That Can Defeat Zeno Within Seconds

Goku has always been the face of the Dragon Ball franchise, which helped the character develop a huge fanbase. So, as you know, the fans are often sometimes more creative than the original creators, they have crafted several Goku transformations that are epic in one word. 

Apart from the ever-expanding Goku forms, the fans have a bunch in their buckets that are insane and have more power than the almighty Zeno. Although they are non-canon and are purely fan-made, we will love to see Goku changing into these forms in the anime. So, today, we are here with a list of the best and deadliest Goku transformations weaved by none other than true Goku lovers. If you are one, make sure to read the complete article. 

Best Non Canon Goku Transformations List 

Goku Transformations
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  • Grand Priest Goku 
  • Omni God Goku
  • Super Saiyan 20000 Goku
  • Next Future Goku 
  • Drip Goku 

Most Powerful Fan Made Goku Transformations 

#1 Drip Goku 

Goku Transformations
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Drip Goku is the most powerful form of the Saiyan. Goku acquired his Drip form after battling Emerald Frieza. Some of his powers include – Ki Manipulation, Drip Embodiment, Drip Manipulation, Master hand-to-hand combatant, Fusionism, Resistance to Drip Concept Nullification, Time Manipulation, Paradox Manipulation, Time erasure, and more. 

Goku is simply undefeatable in his Drip form. He overpowered several characters like The One Above All, Augustus Aurora, the Creator, and also harmed the Ultimate Emerald Frieza 100%. 

#2 Next Future Goku 

Goku Transformations
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Looks like an older version of Goku right? But remember as the wine gets older it gets more effective. So does Goku. This is one of the best and most powerful Goku in the entire multiverse of Dragon Ball. Also called Omni-King Son Goku, he is the main hero of the Dragon Ball: Next Future series. Goku Next Future is the king of 13 multiverses and in short, he is everything in Next Future. 

Coming to his powers, Goku Next Future possesses Superhuman strength, unbelievable speed (though he is a bit slower than Nimbus Cloud), insane durability, absolute invulnerability, superhuman senses, God ki mastery, Energy Manipulation abilities, Telekinesis, and much more. Goku Next Future is Omnipresent, omnipotent and Omnibenevolence. 

#3 Super Saiyan 20000 Goku 

Goku Transformations
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Bored of watching Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, or 4? How about a new and 20x deadly Saiyan form? Super Saiyan 20000 is one of the popular Goku transformations in Dragon Ball AF (fan-made series). 

Though this character or rather transformation doesn’t have a compelling story, its powers will even make Zeno swoon. He possesses superhuman physical strength, abstract existence abilities, Immortality, Void manipulation powers, Rage power, Energy absorption abilities, Plot armor, Life manipulation abilities, and age manipulation powers. 

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#4 Omni God Goku 

Goku Transformations
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In the canon series, Goku is climbing the power ladder to be at the level of Gods. But with this fan-made transformation, he has already surpassed them. This form gives Goku a power boost of 1,000,000,000,000 times. You may think about what’s special in this form. The specialty lies in the ability to control and manipulate reality. Thereby, making Goku the most powerful entity in the entire multiverse. In this form, he has the immunity to being erased. Therefore, he is not killable. 

However, to attain this form, there are a few criteria. The Saiyan to get into this form must have a clean and pure heart, pure intentions, and power enough to control this form. 

#5 Grand Priest Goku 

Goku Transformations
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We all know how powerful the Grand Priest is. He is an attendant of Zeno and the manager of the multiverse. This form of Goku is simply insane. He is calm, focused, and unstoppable. His power level is at par with the Omni King. Some of his incredible abilities are – Superhumstrength, ultimate invincibility, erasure immunity, multiverse destruction capabilities, ultimate indestructibility, multiverse manipulation powers, high-omnipotence, and more. 


So, this was our list of the most powerful Goku transformations. Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the comment box. Also, make sure to stay tuned as we keep on bringing such interesting articles. 

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