Top 5 Movies Like Hocus Pocus You Can’t Miss!! 

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With your favourite genre being horror movies, Halloween is the perfect movie to provide an apt backdrop for such films.

We all know how high our excitement level goes when we connect with ghosts, demons, goblins, and witches in the movies. 

Oh, fans, we all know that not all terror movies have the aim of terrifying us! And what else could be the best to talk about than “Hocus Pocus” – a 1993 classic Disney movie!! 

If you have already watched Hocus Pocus, we have something special for you. Today, we are here with some amazing movies like Hocus Pocus all horror genre lovers must watch… 

Hocus Pocus – Story Plot

Movies like Hocus Pocus

The entire plot revolves around three dead witches. A curious youngster who moves to Salem, fighting his struggle to settle and how he awakens a trio of witches who were executed in the 17th century.

Let us know about a few more Hollywood and Bollywood movies featuring Halloween nights and the battle of good or evil. We are sharing our list of top 5 movies like Hocus Pocus!

Stree (2018)

Dear readers, let us remind you that Halloween is not an official holiday in India. Still, the country produces many movies based on this genre portraying stories of witches and dark magic. One such tale inspired by the dark magic of local legend from Karnataka known as “Nale Ba” is Stree. 

The story revolves around a small town called Chanderi, which is visited by a witch every year. With the touch of Bollywood beats, we do recommend you to watch it this weekend with your family!

Coco (2017)

Movies like Hocus Pocus
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A rare product from Pixar Studios is “Coco.”

The film was a big hit at the box office. They received critical acclamations for making this movie a perfect blend of dreams with loss and betrayal. It highlights how to process grief, for children, in a heartwarming manner. Here too, the depiction of the holiday of the Day of the Dead (resembling Halloween) makes it to our list! Oh, do not miss this heart-touching story!

Goosebumps (2015)

This one is one of our favourites. This is one of the best movies like Hocus Pocus.

Author R.L. Stine and his series of “Goosebumps” books have been widely loved and acclaimed. There have been many adaptations earlier, but in 2015, the live-action adaptation of this series won hearts worldwide. 

Jack Black plays the character of R.L. Stine, and the movie highlights its all-time favourite and known monsters like Slappy the Dummy, the Abdominal Snowman, vampire dogs, and teen werewolves. This is a must-watch, readers !! Go now!!!

Makdee (2002)

Movies like Hocus Pocus
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Indian Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj is well known and critically acclaimed by the international audience for his excelling workpieces that are adaptations of Shakespeare, namely Maqbool, Omkara, and Haider. 

Before reaching here, his directorial debut includes the making of a horror-comedy movie “Makdee.” The story revolves around a spirited prankster girl Chunni and how she gets trapped by a witch! It is an engaging story emphasizing the importance of telling the truth. A classic cult and a must-watch!

The Addams Family (1991)

Movies like Hocus Pocus
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A supernatural black comedy film has its adaptation from the cartoon characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams. The Addams Family, released in 1991, is considered by many of the scariest families. 

With the members of the Addams family around, every day seems to be Halloween. It is definitely on the watchlist of many! A definite pick for a freaky hang out with friends tonight.

The above-shared ones belong to the genre of movies like Hocus Pocus. So if you are a Hocus Pocus fan, then voila, this list is for you!!!!

Wrapping up

Our list has our favourite five movies like Hocus Pocus, but we are sure this genre has many more such masterpieces. Do share with us your favourite ones! 

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