Top 3 Reasons Why Goku And Bulma Would Have Been The Perfect Couple

While Goku and Chi-Chi are one of the most loved couples in Dragon Ball, many fans weave the love story of Goku and Bulma in their dreams. So, was Chi-Chi the right choice for Goku? Or Bulma and Goku would have been the perfect pair?

Goku And Bulma
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Goku and Bulma are two of the oldest Dragon Ball characters introduced in the original series. While there was a partner-in-crime at the start of the show, with the introduction of a new character, their relationship started fading away. 

So, today, Sassyshows has listed down the top 3 points why Bulma would have been the perfect match for Goku. 

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Top 3 Reasons Why Goku and Bulma Make The Perfect Pair 

  • Bulma Is Calm & Confident 

Goku And Bulma
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One of the most fascinating traits that Bulma carries is her calmness. Her ability to deal with every situation with her intelligence astonishes the fans. Every man would love to fall for a character like Bulma. 

  • Bulma Is Goku’s Oldest Friend 

Goku And Bulma
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Bulma is one of the oldest friends of Goku in Dragon Ball. She has accompanied the Saiyan on hundreds of adventures. She understands Goku and when it comes to wisdom, Bulma is far more mature and intelligent than Goku. 

So, Bulma’s intelligence would have balanced Goku’s dumb behavior, in case the pair had been together. 

  • Bulma’s Father Likes Goku 

Goku And Bulma
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Dr. Brief was impressed by Goku’s spirit, right from the moment he met the Saiyan. He even considered Goku Bulma’s boyfriend when he first met him. 

So, what do you think? Who is the perfect choice for Goku – Bulma or Chi-Chi? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. Bulma would’ve been a much better choice. Chi chi is such a bitch. And is always coming down hard on Goku. If she is so unhappy she should go find a new super loser to harp on. Bulma all the way!!!!

    1. I kind of agree, but would there have been a reason for bulma to try to care for Vegeta if she had Goku, that 1 thing could easily change the entire show. I believe they put those 2 together just so that they could build more onto it involving Trunks.

  2. Bulma is a way better choice than Chichi tbh cause of the history between the two and Bulma is way more mature than Chichi could ever be, always forcing him to be something other than himself and sometimes taking advantage of Goku n plus even though Goku is a Man of his word and didn’t break his promise to marry Chichi, she’s jus spoiled asL

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