Tokyo Ghoul Seasons In Order – Know The Correct Order To Watch All Seasons

What is the chronological order to watch Tokyo Ghoul? Here are all Tokyo Ghoul seasons in order. 

Tokyo Ghoul Seasons In Order
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It’s that time of the year again: you’re going to be sitting at home, your friends are busy, and you can’t find anything to watch on TV. What now? If you need a really good anime fix, look no further! Let’s run-down Tokyo Ghoul‘s seasons from A-Z (yes…Netflix does not have seasons 3 & 4).

Tokyo Ghoul is about a college student named Ken Kaneki who gets attacked by a ghoul and becomes half-ghoul himself. It explores both his struggles as he attempts to live in two worlds, as well as the story of Anteiku – a coffee shop created to help integrate ghouls into human society.

Tokyo Ghoul Seasons In Order

We’re not sure what order you should watch Tokyo Ghoul in, but we recommend starting with season 1: A and then going down the line. Many fans recommend watching season 2: B+ first, however. Keep in mind that the anime isn’t canon to the manga (unless you read Tokyo Ghoul: re).

Tokyo Ghoul Seasons In Order
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How many seasons of Tokyo Ghoul are there?

There are currently three seasons of Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1, B+, and A. You can also watch season 2, which is already available on Netflix. And Season 3 is in the works! Oh, yeah…there’s also season 4 (manga only).

How many episodes are in each season?

The anime series has 13 episodes per season, with each episode running about 30 minutes long. The first two seasons have 12 episodes each, while the next two have 13. Some fans have said that A’s story does not end with episode 13; however, this has not been confirmed by official sources in Japan.

Tokyo Ghoul Order To Watch 

Tokyo Ghoul Seasons In Order
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  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Tokyo Ghoul Root A (Season 2)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Season 1)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Season 2)
  • Jack (OVA)
  • Pinto (OVA)

Will There Be Tokyo Ghoul Season 4? 

Tokyo Ghoul Seasons In Order
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Yes, there will be a season 4. However, the release date has yet to be announced. Also, keep in mind that the release date of Tokyo Ghoul: re’s manga adaptation is also unknown.


Being half-ghoul, Ken Kaneki faces a difficult choice between being human and living as half-ghoul. Since he’s only 13 years old when it happens, there’s no real answer to this question at the end of season 1 – it just seems like part of Kaneki’s journey on some level.



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