Tim McGraw Reveals A Shocking Update On Upcoming 1883 Bonus Episodes!! 

Will we see Tim McGraw back on board? Here is a shocking update the 1883 star revealed on his role in upcoming 1883 bonus episodes. 

With the story of 1883 hypnotizing the fans, after the season 1 finale the only question looming on social media is – when is 1883 Season 2 coming? 

If you are also wondering when the new episodes of 1883 will drop, we have a piece of disappointing news for you. Well, there will be no season 2 for the 1883 series. But, the surprises don’t end here. Recently, Tim McGraw revealed a shocking update on 1883 bonus episodes. So, here is everything we know. 

Creators Teased The Future Of 1883 Series – Will There Be 1883 Bonus Episodes?

1883 Bonus Episodes
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We all know Taylor Sheridan is simply a magician. With the most terrific story and a royal cast, the 1883 series impressed the fans and racked up high viewership. While the main franchise is exploring new chapters, the 1883 series deep-dived into the origin story of the Dutton family and revealed how they ended up in Montana, definitely at the cost of things the fans never expected. 

1883 Bonus Episodes
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While the fans were craving for 1883 season 2, the creators unleashed a wave of disappointment revealing there will be no second installment under 1883. However, recently, Taylor Sheridan revealed that the story will not end up here. The next chapter will come up with a new name ‘1932’. 

‘1932’ will be a new spinoff of Yellowstone and it will explore the story of a new generation of the Dutton family as they navigate to the Western lands for expansion. 

As per the official statements from Taylor Sheridan, 1883 is a one-and-done series. But, now they are working on the 1932 series to depict a new chapter of the Dutton family. But the surprises don’t even end here as we will be getting some 1883 bonus episodes. 

1883 Bonus Episodes
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Recently the 1883 producer revealed, “You will see. I don’t want to give away too much, but 1932 was always intended to be the second season.” 

He further added, “Now the network is excited to bring you something really additional to 1883, which is super exciting. There was one way set with it, there was one version, and now there are going to be two versions.” 

However, when the producer, Glasser, was questioned whether the big names of the show would make a comeback or not, he chose to keep all information under the wraps. He said, “I can’t give too much away, but we are excited for the year ahead.

Tim McGraw Dropped A Huge Update On His Role In 1883 Bonus Episodes 

1883 Bonus Episodes
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In a recent interview, Tim McGraw was questioned on his appearance in the upcoming 1883 bonus episodes. However, it seems he has no clue. 

He said, “I stay out of those conversations because I don’t know. As far as we are concerned, we had a great run, a great season and we loved it.

He further added, “What happens from here out, that’s up to somebody else. And then it will come down to us having to read the material and see whether we like it or not.

So, what do you think will we see Tim McGraw or Elsa Dutton back in the 1883 bonus episodes? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. I loved 1883 as did all my friends we would have loved 4 or 5 seasons but if we could get a few more episodes we will take what we can get. I’m sure we all will watch the others also.


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