Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Release Date Is Out! Here Is What You Should Remember

The cult classic superhero series, Tiger and Bunny is finally coming back with its second chapter on Netflix. So, here is everything you need to know before watching Tiger and Bunny Season 2. 

Tiger and Bunny Season 2
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When it comes to the flagship anime superhero series from the last decade, you can’t miss out on Tiger and Bunny. It’s one of the premium shows that debuted in 20111. While the climax of season 1 left a few loose ends, Netflix is gearing up to continue the story with Tiger and Bunny Season 2. 

But, it’s been over 11 years, the fans have been out of the loop. So, Sassyshows is here with some essential points every viewer must remember before watching the second season. 

Tiger and Bunny Season 1 Recap 

Tiger and Bunny Season 2
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Tiger and Bunny is one of the most-watched superhero anime shows set in the futuristic city of Stern Bild. It’s a place where humans titled the NEXTs have developed supernatural powers. However, Tiger and Bunny two such heroes with superpowers grabbed the limelight to reach the front pages of the news. 

Tiger and Bunny Season 1 follows Kotetsu and Barnaby on the path of learning to get hands-on their initial animosity. Meanwhile, both develop a strong bond and trust for each other. Though things were initially normal, situations turn worst when both are forced to contend with individual issues, which make continue in Season 2. 

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Release Date 

Tiger and Bunny Season 2
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Tiger and Bunny Season 2 is coming out on April 8, 2022. So, fans get ready to step into the thrilling world of superheroes, this April. 

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