Thunderbolts Movie Could Have These Marvel Characters!! Here Is All We Know!! 

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How have you been? So today, it’s all about Marvel fans. Any marvel news brings a spark to our eyes. Does it happen to you too? 

Have you ever imagined some impeccably amazing Marvel movie characters in Thunderbolts Movie? 

Over the past years or so, we all know Marvel Studios has been planting the seed for something big.  So, who will be on the team of Thunderbolts? Here is all we know.

Any guesses which Marvel movie characters could be a part of the Thunderbolts?

Thunderbolts Movie
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Is it a rumor or the real news? We can’t wait to see these incredible stars in the cast. 

Let’s see; these are likely to be a part of the Thunderbolts Movie. As the Thunderbolts movie was officially announced at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022, let’s see what it has in store!

Deadly Deadpool?

Thunderbolts Movie
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Oh really, now the excitement is getting pepped up as we can’t wait to see him. We have already imagined Ryan Reynolds Deadpool in our fantasy Thunderbolts.

What say, guys? Also, Wade Wilson is confirmed to be seen in the coming Deadpool 3. 

Isn’t it better if he appears in the MCU in the Thunderbolt movie first and then in his movie—It makes sense. 

Epic Elektra

Her inclusion is not yet confirmed in the MCU’s future, but who knows what will happen? 

But we surely want her. Also, it’s known to everyone that Elektra is a massive part of Daredevil’s supporting characters. But it looks like she has a connection which could be seen in the Thunderbolts Movie—what say?

Luke Cage, we are expecting you!

Did you know he was the leader of the Thunderbolts team during the heroic age storyline? 

If he’s coming, then it’s a very epic and intelligent move for him to bring it because he’s a bang on, trust us for this! 

Ghost Rider

Thunderbolts Movie
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Kevin Fiege, in an interview, burst out about this news, and now we are hitting our nails on whether it could be true. Imagine for a moment if it’s the truth. We are already shooting the whole movie in our head! 

Juggernaut, please, yes

Thousand times, yes, we want to see him. He’s linked to X-Men stories, too. But him coming to the Thunderbolts movie is still a possibility. Ah, but it’s too early to judge to see him in 2024, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

The Wrecking Crew

Did you know they’re a small group of villains from Marvel Comics? Any guesses what the scenes would be like? This will be big news if all these Marvel Characters are coming up in the Thunderbolt Movie!

What rating would you give? Will they be a part of the massive exciting Thunderbolts Movie?

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