We Bet You Missed These Small Details In Thor Love And Thunder Trailer 

The final Thor Love and Thunder trailer is out and its really promising… Gorr the God Butcher is officially entering MCU and all eyes are on him. However, apart from the main characters, the trailer has a bunch of things that may have skipped your eyes. So, here are some small details you may have missed in the Thor Love and Thunder trailer. 

As Thor rises from the ashes, the Marvel universe is all set to come together on our big screens with the much-anticipated movie Thor: Love and Thunder. 

With the release of the final Thor Love and Thunder trailer, the Russo brothers unveil new details from the movie, there’s a lot to look forward to, and it looks like we might have some additional details around the plot of this movie that might be potential spoilers for Thor: love and thunder and how they could relate to the movie.

Glimpse of the Celestials 

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer
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The new Thor Love and Thunder trailer feature the appearance of several celestials, including Thor himself. 

The trailer begins with Thor walking through a field of flowers, followed by a shot of him flying through the air. He then arrives at a strange planet, where a group of celestials meets him. 

Thor is then seen fighting a group of aliens, before finally being confronted by the main villain, a giant celestial. The trailer ends with Thor flying off into the distance, leaving the celestials behind.

The appearance of the celestials in the final Thor: Love & thunder trailer is sure to excite fans of the Marvel Universe. 

Thor is one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, and to see him face off against a group of celestials is sure to be an epic battle.

The Bifrost boat

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer
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The Bifrost boat’s appearance in the new Thor love and thunder trailer has left many fans excited for the upcoming film. 

The boat, which is used to transport Thor and his friends to the different realms of Asgard, is seen in the trailer briefly but it is clear that it has been given a new look. The new design is sleeker and more modern, and it is clear that the film’s production team has put a lot of thought into its appearance. 

This is just one of the many details that have been revealed about the film so far, and it is clear that fans are in for a treat when the film finally comes out.

Thor Love and Thunder trailer reveals the Yggdrasil tree

In the new Thor love and thunder trailer, we catch a glimpse of the sacred Yggdrasill tree.

This tree is a symbol of life and death in Norse mythology, and it’s said to be the tree that holds the nine worlds together. It’s also the tree that Odin hung himself from in order to gain knowledge of the runes.

The Yggdrasill tree is a beautiful and powerful symbol, and it’s clear that it holds a special place in Thor’s heart. It’s no wonder that the tree is such a central figure in the new trailer – it represents everything that Thor is fighting for.


So the new Thor Love and Thunder trailer show that there are a lot of new things we can look forward to in the movie.  

It gave us so many details about the film, including new villains, and a whole lot of laughs. We think it’s safe to say that this will be a fun movie to watch. 

So this is all that we have noticed in the new Thor: love & thunder trailer, if you have noticed something else very important that we might have missed, please tell us in the comments.

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