Natalie Portman Spills Shocking Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers!! 

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As we are heading to another much-awaited release of our God of Thunder…. We expect umpteen secrets spilling out and oodles of Thor Love and Thunder spoilers unless this flick hits the screen on July 7, 2022!! 

So we are raising a disclaimer here in all good faith to make sure you save our link and check it later if you are in no mood for Thor Love and Thunder Spoilers!!! 

Brushing up on our previous knowledge, we all know that as per Norse Mythology, Thor is called the God of Thunder. In our Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is the one who carries his powerful weapon – his hammer, Mjöllnir.

Journey For Inner Peace – Thor Love and Thunder Spoilers!!!

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers
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This movie of the MCU franchise is where Thor embarks on his journey for inner peace post-retirement, but Gorr – The God Butcher disrupts his plans. Also known as the supervillain in the comics published by MCU Comics, he is here to make his debut performance in this movie. 

Still, this piece of info is not one of the Thor Love and Thunder Spoilers, as we all know Christian Bale is portraying this role!!

Jane Foster – The New Mighty Thor

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers
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As per the comic version, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, turns into Mighty Thor and possesses the powers of Thor after wielding the Mjolnir, but all this happens only after she is diagnosed with Cancer!! 

According to the storyline of Marvel Comics, this major transformation of Jane to Mighty Thor cures her Cancer and the weakness prevailing in her body due to the chemotherapy sessions she had to undergo!! 

In a press conference, Natalie mentioned how it might be Jane’s ‘last moment’ to experience the power of Thor, which hints at confirming that the movie might show Jane suffering from Cancer and the movie might unfold in this direction!! Now, this is what we call some major Thor Love and Thunder Spoilers!! 

The New Thor Spills The Secret Beans!!

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

The actors of the Marvel Franchise are well trained for avoiding spoilers… but in a recent global press conference for the soon-to-release Thor: Love and Thunder, we caught hold of some Thor Love and Thunder spoilers by none other than our New God of Thunder – Jane Foster aka Natalie Portman!!! 

This big conference witnessed the star cast of Thor: Love and Thunder, namely Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Christian Bale, along with Natalie. It was when Jane was asked how her version is different from Chris Hemsworth’s. 

She responded, “No, completely different. But I think he’s obviously very assured and experienced in being a superhero, and she’s just trying to figure it out.” This was not enough for us, so we seem to be blessed with the further addition of Natalie, who added, “She’s new at it. 

And also keeps reverting to human form, so there’s always a kind of danger that, like, it might be her last moment getting to experience that.” As she said this, the actor checked herself and added, “I don’t know what that might be… that might be a big spoiler, sorry.” Oh, this caught our absolute attention!! The classic Thor Love and Thunder spoilers!!

Can’t Wait

With all the Thor Love and Thunder spoilers making rounds, we are super excited to grab popcorn and experience this adventure cum action feature!! 

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