Thor Love And Thunder Leaks: Every Character Who Died In The End!! 

Thor Love and Thunder leaks are evident as the movie was in demand and released just a day back. 

The movie Thor 4 is full of excitement as many new characters have made the entry, and the storyline itself is of great importance. 

The film involves the character of heroes like Thor, son of Odinson (Chris Hemsworth), followed by his teammates, The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster), King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Korg (Taika Waititi). 

They battle against the forceful enemy Gorr, The God Butcher (Christian Bale). The number of characters Gorr slain has never been seen in any MCU Universe. The one who has already watched the movie is excited to discuss the Thor Love and Thunder leaks on social media. 

However, the end of Thor: Love and Thunder was pretty devastating and it marked a bunch of casualties… So, which characters died at the end? Here are some spicy Thor Love and Thunder leaks… 

Thor Love and Thunder Leaks: Let’s start with the beginning 

Thor Love And Thunder Leaks
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The movie starts with Gorr praying to the God of Light Rapu to answer and save his daughter, but Rapu makes no response.

After the burial of his daughter, he finds Rapu celebrating his win after defeating the Necrosword wielder. Experiencing Rapu’s behaviour towards him angered Gorr. He answered the call made by Necrosword and made a lethal blow to Rapu’s neck with the sword and directly killed him. 

After that, his hunger to kill all the gods made him seek vengeance for the death of his daughter. 

Eventually, the killing was such an amount that it brought the attention of the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside Thor to find out why.

Thor Love and Thunder leaks are already hot topics as the discussion of such a masterpiece satisfy the audience’s needs.

The latter half of the film:

Thor Love And Thunder Leaks
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After reuniting with his ex-girlfriend and his teammates, Thor goes to the Omnipotent city to raise an army to battle against the God Butcher and stop him from reaching the pool of Eternity. 

However, it disgusts him after learning about Zeus’s behaviour (The King of Gods). 

In a fight, Thor killed Zeus in a single blow with the thunderbolt (Zeus’s weapon) and stole his weapon to fight the Gorr and free the children he stole. 

Thor Love And Thunder Leaks

Later before going to war on Shadow Realm, Thor finds that Jane has Cancer and can take her life if enough care is not taken. 

So, he asks her not to join the fight. However, in the end, while fighting Gorr, she made her entrance and killed him single-handedly with the help of broken Mjolnir and deleted the existence of Necrosword. In the process, Gorr was freed from the black magic of Necrosword while Jane lost her life.

The Finale

Thor Love And Thunder Leaks

We will discuss where the story ended at the end of Thor Love and Thunder. 

Three main parts were shown where the story made an end/ First, Gorr concluded the resurrection of her daughter and handed her over to Thor for care.

Secondly, the scene shows that Zeus survived the blow of Thor and made a vow to himself to make Thor pay for his actions.

And lastly, the movie ended with Jane in Valhalla, welcomed by Heimdall at the entrance.

After reading such a magnificent story, the crowd’s reaction was something that cannot be described in words. They loved the movie Thor and are waiting for its new part. Till then, stay tuned and follow us for more updates!

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