Surprising Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs We Bet You Missed Out!!

Hey Thor Fans,

With the latest movie out now, the Thor Fanclub is all gaga about this new flick and the vibe portrayed in Thor: Love and Thunder. 

This is the fourth solo movie of our superhero Thor, and it is more than just the story’s narration. There are a lot of Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs to unpack, as we are sure you might have missed a few while sitting back on the chairs and enjoying this Asgardian flick!

Please note – Spoilers ahead for Thor: Love And Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder Easter Eggs!! 

Thor Love And Thunder Easter Eggs
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This movie is said to be intense, giving us a feel and vibe of the Universe at large in almost every shot and frame. 

Now, as we put together all the Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs, we warn you that everything from this point onwards will serve as a spoiler if you haven’t watched Thor: Love And Thunder. 

So please turn back and save our page for later!! While the others can get on our ship and sail through the journey of Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs.

The Background Score:

The long-awaited teaser trailer of the Marvel Phase 4 Movie gave us a feel of the 1980s. 

The hit “Sweet Child O’Mine” being played as the background soundtrack ensures the viewers get the vibe of the 1980s. Taika Waititi always selects songs that convey both the story and the feeling. 

Thor’s t-shirt with the Yggdrasil on it

Another one in the list of Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs are Thor wearing a t-shirt with the symbol of the World Tree in Norse mythology – which has the Nine Realms, including his Asgard, giving a feel of Thor’s comic book and Old Norse history.

Cameo to old friends

Thor Love And Thunder Easter Eggs
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Brugh was the co-star of Director Waititi in “What We Do In The Shadows”, and here we get to see him playing Deacon, the 183-year-old youngest vampire, and is relaxed compared to Waititi’s 379-year-old uptight dandy of a bloodsucking immortal. 

The Little Hemsworth, Bale, and Waititi in Thor: Love and Thunder

Only with close attention to the movie credits, you would have witnessed the actors’ kids in the movie. This adds to the list of Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs. 

Insecurity Revelation – Thor’s Hat

Thor Love And Thunder Easter Eggs
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This is one of the cutest Thor: Love and Thunder Easter Eggs. Thor, like a little child, is up to his insecure actions by making necessary amendments to the hat he is wearing, which includes crossed-out names of the other Avengers, and he has highlighted his own; Thor’s hat now reads Thor! The Strongest Avenger


These are a few from our Thor: Love and Thunder Easter Eggs list. You would catch hold of many more once you witness this flick!! 

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