This Marvel Star Supported Armie Hammer Rehab’s Journey!

According to a source relatively close to Armie Hammer, who has gone through recovery himself, the Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr., paid for Armie Hammer’s rehab for nearly six months in a rehab stay.

Here is all we know about Armie Hammer rehab’s journey!! 

Armie Hammer Rehab Journey: What is it exactly?

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Armie Hammer was in the middle of a problematic situation. According to a source close to Armie Hammer, when the actor found himself in the middle of a troublesome situation last year involving alarming accusations of emotional abuse, deception, and violence, Robert Downey Jr. intervened to help the actor find rehab.

The insider reveals that Downey, who has struggled with his own well-publicized Hollywood problems and addictions, paid for the actor to spend close to six months in the Florida recovery center, The Guest House.

Armie Hammer’s Ex-wife supported him

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A close acquaintance of the actor claimed, “Everyone looks at Armie thinking that he’s had some sort of privileged life—and that must mean there were no problems in his youth and everything was peachy keen,” but things don’t always work out like that. 

Simply because you came from a wealthy background does not guarantee that life will be free of difficulties.

Hammer had been keeping a quiet profile in the Cayman Islands since leaving rehab last December, working on his recovery, and spending time with his family, said the source. 

Elizabeth Chambers, the owner of Bird Bakery and the actor’s ex-wife, has reportedly signed her own entertainment contract.She has backed Hammer throughout the process and has told friends that she only wants what’s best for him and his family.

Armie Hammer’s Discreet Rehab

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It wasn’t long before a viral tweet suddenly surfaced and brought Hammer into the public eye again, interrupting his discreet recovery in the Caymans.

Muna Mire, the producer of Desus & Mero, shared a picture of a brochure for the family-run resort Morritt’s Resort that included a portrait of Hammer and described him as a “personal concierge” to incoming visitors.

Before deleting the tweet, Mire said, “My friends’ parents went on vacation in the Cayman Islands and Armie Hammer was their concierge. I’m still not over it”.

TMZ and Variety both have reported that the actor is now employed as a timeshare salesman.

Hammer escaping from attention

Hammer was under constant pressure monitoring in the Cayman Islands, so on Friday, he took a flight to Los Angeles with Chambers and their two young children to escape the attention. 

According to the insider, Hammer has been staying at Downey’s residence while in town and attending the A.A. meeting in Malibu.

Apparently, as per the same person, Downey has been giving Hammer financial support until he gets back on his feet, in addition to a temporary place to live.

According to a source, Hammer has no current plans to live in Los Angeles permanently, although a Hollywood comeback is not entirely improbable.

An individual cites Downey’s legendary redemption tale

An individual cites Downey’s own legendary Hollywood redemption tale as a classic example. Armour Hammer rehab journey started in 2001 after serving a little over a year in prison and a subsequent arrest. 

According to The Guardian, Downey was “homeless, almost bankrupt, and virtually unemployable” at his lowest point.

If it weren’t for another actor who stepped up to help Downey in his time of need: Mel Gibson, Downey’s career would have stagnated.

Lift ’em up!

Yet again, the famous saying, “Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up,” has been illustrated. 

Someone helped Robert Downey Jr. when needed; today, he stood by Armie Hammer rehab and supported him. 

Indeed, the world needs more people who lift others up. What are your thoughts? Answer us in the comment section. 

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