This Is Us Season 6 Returns Tonight: Where to Watch the New Episodes?

This Is Us is finally back on the air after a two-week hiatus for the Winter Olympics. The show is set to return tonight with an all-new episode. So, here is where you can watch This Is Us Season 6 for free online. 

This Is Us Season 6
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In the last episode, we saw the Big Three all dealing with various relationships in their lives.

Kate made the tough decision to tell Rebecca that she would not watch her grandchildren alone thanks to her mental decline.

Kate made the tough decision to inform Rebecca that she could no longer watch her grandchildren alone due to her mental decline. This storyline was intertwined with a previous argument that Rebecca had with Kate after a night of speed dating, where Rebecca regretfully slapped her daughter. 

If you want to catch up on what you missed or want to know where to watch tonight’s new episode, we’ve got you covered! 

Where to Watch This Is Us Season 6 Episodes?

This Is Us Season 6
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Hulu subscribers can watch new episodes of This Is Us the next day, as well as all past seasons.

Amazon Prime members can watch new episodes of This Is Us a day after they air on television and have access to past seasons.

How many episodes are in Season 6 of This Is Us?

There are 18 episodes in Season Six of This Is Us. This Is Us season 6 will have a complete of 18 episodes. The sixth episode, titled “Our Little Island Girl: Part Two,” will air on Washington’s Birthday.

This Is Us Season 6
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What will happen in This Is Us Season 6?

While the season has not started yet, we know that there are some major storylines to look forward to. In addition to Kate and Rebecca’s story arc, Randall and Beth deal with a lot this season. Beth is considering adopting a child, which puts a lot of stress on their marriage. 

Meanwhile, Randall struggles with his new job at Google and feels like he’s lost sight of his purpose in life. Kevin is also back in Los Angeles trying to work with Zoey while Sophie is pregnant and about to give birth. Lastly, Deja is adjusting to being back home with her mother after spending time in foster care.


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