This Crazy Fan Theory Reveals How Elsa Dutton Will Be Back In 1883 Season 2! She Is Still Alive!! 

1883 season 2

Will there be 1883 season 2? Will the story bring back the charm of the show, Elsa Dutton? Here is a crazy fan theory that reveals Elsa is still alive.


No doubt Taylor Sheridan’s western drama, ‘1883’ has turned out to be the biggest blockbuster of 2022. The creator is rapidly expanding the Yellowstone universe, with more spin-offs on the card. However, with the wrap-up of 1883, the fans are pretty disappointed. The show had simply hypnotized the fans and they are demanding more. So, will there be 1883 Season 2? Here is everything we know. 

Taylor Sheridan’s 1883 Season 1 has already broken a bunch of records to establish itself as the most-watched series on Paramount+. With the perfect blend of action, drama, love, and emotion, the show has got a special place in the hearts of the fans. What makes 1883 one of the greatest series of all time is its super compelling story and the royal cast. 

When it comes to the 1883 cast, the first name that hit the minds of the fans is Elsa Dutton, the main protagonist of the show. Elsa impressed the fans with her flawless acting and incredible narration. However, the climax of 1883 season 1 with Elsa taking her last breath was really not soothing for the fans. 

With the death of Elsa Dutton in 1883 Season 1, the fans burst out of emotions and showered theories on how the show can bring back their favorite character in 1883 season 2. So, here is a shocking fan theory that says Elsa is still alive. 

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Is Elsa Dead In 1883 Season 1?

1883 season 2
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The 1883 series turned out to be more than something we expected. It revisited the post-civil war era of U.S. history, taking the fans on a roller coaster right. 1883 elaborates the story of the Duttons who originally lived in Tennessee and then decided to relocate to the north. 

The journey of the Dutton family was far from desirable as it was loaded with dangers. However, 1883 managed to hit the sweet spot between good and bad. While the show impressed the fans with the western visuals, the introduction of Elsa Dutton was the cherry on the cake. 

Elsa was the daughter of the Duttons. She was not only the narrator of 1883 Season 1 but also a ray of sunshine the viewers were hunting for in the lands of the west. The series beautifully showcased her transition from a girl into a woman and when her happy personality combined with these changes, Elsa turned out to be a fan favorite. 

While Elsa was entertaining the fans and making them happy with her positive nature, the happiness of both the viewers and Elsa did not last for long. The best element in Taylor Sheridan’s writing is it portrays the entire brutality of life through all its characters. Well, Elsa suffered from the same wave. 

Soon, she lost her lover, causing her massive depression. However, with time she moved on and fell in love again. However, this time also it turned out to be heartbreak. Last but not the least, dark clouds surrounded her life when she got hit with an arrow. Elsa got fatally injured, and it was a terrible moment for the fans. 

1883 season 2

By the end of 1883 Season 1, it was clear that Elsa would not survive. She wanted herself to be buried in Montana which eventually turned out for the Duttons to settle in. So, with the tragic story of Elsa Dutton, we saw how the Dutton family reached Montana. 

Though the story of 1883 Season 1 is insane and heartwarming, the death of Elsa Dutton is something the fans could not digest. They showered theories on how Elsa will come back in 1883 season 2. 

Fan Theory On How Elsa Will Comeback In 1883 Season 2

1883 season 2
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At the climax of 1883 Season 1, we saw Elsa navigating the wide lands with Sam, her lover. So, what if that scene was the actual reality and the rest of the mess that 1883 season 1 showed was just a dream? Yes, what if all the scenes starting from the moment she left Sam was just her imagination? 

It was pretty hard for the fans to digest that Elsa left Sam, for the sake of her family despite being desperately in love with him. Therefore, a fan theory suggests that it’s possible that Elsa was imagining an alternative reality in 1883 season 1. 

This fan theory suggests that Taylor Sheridan may deliver a shocking turn in 1883 Season 2 to bring back the fan-favorite character Elsa Dutton. 

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  1. God I hope not.Their portrayal of her as supergirl is nonsense.This show started out raw and real and turned into Got’danged soap opera love story and its no wonder Sam Elliot said it sucks because it does suck.

    1. Dan i have no idea what is wrong with you. The character of Elsa Dutton was some of the best acting ive ever seen. Back in that day and time women got married at 14, 15 and 16. People only lived into their 30s cor the most part. The stage was set with the most realistic depiction of a wagon train i have ever seen on film, to her stealing the show

    2. Dan- you’re an idiot. First,! It is not got’danged. Thank you for showing ignorance in spelling. It is a euphemism for God and dang… don’t be cute throwing a “T” in there. “Cute” is for soap-loving “Dans” that type with one finger. Furthermore, this is a site showing love and interest for a show. If you want to troll a site , try a spelling-bee …

      1. I’m sure he knows what it it’s supposed to be, but you are not supposed to take God’s name in vain. That’s why some say it the way he did. I guess I understood it since I’m a hillbilly lol

        1. I doubt your imaginary friends feelings are hurt ,he already killed his son so it’s cool to say whatever,just talk to him in your head and ask him not to send you to the bad place he created for not loving the kid he killed.

      2. Really?? He can’t have his OWN opinion even if it differs from yours??? Geez…and thanks Dan for not using God’s name in vain

      3. People in the South say “got-danged” We don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. Just so you know.

  2. Regardless of everyone’s i opinion and thoughts! My personal reaction to Taylor Sheridan’s writing is the closest i have ever seen or heard that reflected the lives of my Grandparents and Great Uncles and Gret Aunts who pioneered to Eastern Montana. The wagon train, the food rations, the interaction with the Indians, ((my mother and her siblings wore moccins made by the local tribes that the grandmother tradedfabric and ribbons for the moccicins) they were greatful to have footcoverings as they put grew their shoes. In my humble opinion Taylor Sheridan’s writing is so very lose to the reality my Mom experienced. i proud to have known some of the old timers still living in the early 1900’s that were willing to sit and tell of the lives and experiences!! I’d do odd jobs to make money to be able to buy a twist of tobacco or can of snooze (copenhagen) and their eyes would lite up and they would relive their days—- and it was just like my mom had told me. Congratulations to Taylor Sheridan!! one of our neighbors had come to eastern Montana and settled there after numerous trail drives from Texas, he to was a volume of life experiences!! it’s sad that the young people are obsorbed in so much technology they are loosing the human aspect of what it takes to survive without the “modern” life style!!

  3. I very much enjoyed the series. Can’t help.believe that life was probably much harder than even portrayed! I can’t help but believe that they turned Elsa into a bit of a sexually permissive teen because it better fit today’s fan base. I find it hard to believe that Elsa former militray hero dad woild have stood in that day for her having sex with three different men within 2 months as a teen back then. Not saying it couldn’t happen but just as the story is told, life was hard, so the educated and especially the faithful, learned quick and didn’t sacrifice character. That’s said, I hope they bring Elsa back she was a good character that many of us felt drawn to. Loved her way of narratungbandnteling the story.

    1. I mean three in two months ain’t to bad they didn’t have TV’s bro,needed something to do.

  4. My theory is that Sam comes to the rescue takes Elsa back to the reservation and the medicine men and the women save her. That would have been a perfect conclusion

  5. Elsa and Sam were perfect for each other ! Please bring her back , It could be a dream John has of her dying wake up and Sam has come for her
    I’m begging for their return !

  6. The arrow that hit Elsa has a healing agent in it
    The Indians never told the father
    That how she comes back.i hope. I love her acting
    She is great 👍. Regards joe

  7. Elliot had a negative attitude through out the show 1883. He truly is a negative person in reality and in person. I had always liked him in all of his previous shows till now. He apparently doesn’t think anyone else is as high caliber as he thinks he is. Hopefully I am not that stuck up at his age. I certainly wouldn’t want to work with anyone like that. His negative attitude definitely apparent. No longer a fan. His personality came through in previous acting which made him attractive. I see the ugliness in both now. Sam Elliot sucks

    1. Laura Sam Eliott aka Captain had every right to have hatred in his heart or you miss the first episode when he watched his wife and child die of smallpox and sacrificed burning instead of burying them. I recall him helping dig holes for alot of people he barely knew. Just saying!

      1. Yes yes yes I love Sam Elliott and yes he was negative in a grandad kinda way he experienced some horrible tragedy in this series 😢 💔 and it broke my heart that his obvious suffering made him take his life.

  8. Nice for all the what if’s, but Taylor has already said the show is over & done with. Next up is 1932, which he says is the next chapter in the series. As for the comment by Mr Dan, he’s just mad his mother didn’t love him…

  9. I have to agree with Dan. I was sick of Elsa by the end of the show. I’m not sure if the character was overwritten or overacted but I was over it.

  10. Elsa is dead sam toad with quana parket he wad a very baf iindian so sam would habe dirf brfote hrr and dhr met him in yje aftrr life

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