Things Only Adults Notice In Maleficent Movie

Starring the queen of Hollywood Angelina Jolie, Maleficent movie is one of the most popular Disney Live-action remakes of all time. Released in 2014, Maleficent has gotten mixed reactions from movie critics. However, the audience of the movie has praised the movie a lot for its cinematic excellence. 

However, looking back on the 2014 movie, it seems clearer why the audience took the movie so well, mainly the fans of the original “Sleeping Beauty”. 

Since the original movie’s target audience was children as well as the 2014 movie, there are some things only Adults Notice in Maleficent movie which simply cannot be understood by children – which is why the audience reaction was different from the critics’ review.

So here in this article, we will talk about some things only adults notice in Maleficent movie. Keep reading if you wanna see if you noticed them or not!

Things Only Adults Notice In Maleficent Movie

The Movie Is Very Against Monarchy

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The very first opening narration of the movie brings out the anti-monarchy aspect of the movie. The opening narration of the movie starts with the existence of a human kingdom and a Moor kingdom residing side by side, but the human kingdom has a “vain and greedy king to rule over them” whereas the Moor kingdom “lived every manner of strange and wonderful creature, and they needed neither king nor queen but trusted in one another.” This narration itself says how the movie is so anti Monarchy. 

The movie shows in detail about the Colonialism of the monarchy

The greed and envy of the king of the Human kingdom evidently lead to the king attacking the Moor kingdom with an excuse that the “human king heard of a growing power in the moors and he sought to strike it down,” even though it is obvious that there is nothing in the Moor kingdom that could be potentially threatening to the human kingdom: it’s just the depiction of colonialism of the monarchy. 

Both Stefan and Maleficent have no parents

Maleficent Movie
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Almost every Disney movie has a classic trope of the main leads of the movies having a lack of parental figure. 

Following the tradition, even in this movie, the titular character Maleficent and Stefan have no parents and they talk about this in a very matter-of-fact way during their first meeting. 

Bush Juggernaut is very similar to Balrog from Lord Of The Rings

Another one among the remarkable things only adults notice in Maleficent is during the fight with King Henry, creatures named bush Juggernaut in Maleficent’s army show striking similarities with the Balrog from Lord Of The Rings – only with the absence of wings.

Stefan taking Maleficent’s Wings is very reminiscent of real-life assault

Maleficent Movie
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One of the very serious issues that have been portrayed in Maleficent movie is the event of Stefan taking Maleficent’s wings without her consent. 

Even though Stefan and Maleficent have been childhood friends and had grown a romantic relationship in their teens, the greed for gaining royal power didn’t stop Stefan from making Maleficent unconscious and taking away her wings to show them to the King as proof of Maleficent’s death.

The fact that Stefan went as far as putting Maleficent in a deep sleep to take away something close from her without her consent is very reminiscent of real-life assault incidents – which is a very grim detail of the movie.


In conclusion, there are a number of things that range from interesting to borderline shocking things only adults notice in Maleficent movie. 

Did you notice all of these things about the Disney live-action movie? Let us know about your thoughts!

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